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5 savvy home storage solutions

When it comes to home storage, the art of keeping things neat, tidy and organised in every room, can take time. With our homes a place to truly showcase our style, not only does storage need to be practical and save space, it needs to look good too. 

At FabFinds, we like to think we know a thing or two about home storage and with a wide variety of options to choose from, we’ve rounded up five savvy storage solutions to help you keep things clutter free from the kitchen to the bedroom. From boxes and baskets, crates and canisters, to shoe racks and jewellery hangers, whatever you need to store, we’ve got you covered.

Think outside the box

Perhaps the most obvious storage solution is to invest in boxes. They come in all shapes, sizes and styles and can store pretty much anything your heart desires. So whether you’re placing them in the office to file away papers and stationary, or they’re going under the bed to store spare bedding, the choice is yours. We love our Jumbo Storage Chests for storing clothing or using as a laundry basket. With a sturdy handle and lid, they’re practical and perfect for moving around as needed.

Fill a jar

Glass jars and canisters are an effortless way to smartly store smaller items around the home and office. From coffee and tea, to pins, needles and buttons, keep on top of all the odds and ends that don’t have a home and fill a jar. Why not style them on a shelf for a neat and stylish look? 

Crate up

With a distressed, rustic charm, wooden crates have quickly become a storage staple. Whatever you choose to fill them with, from magazines to towels, the possibilities really are endless. They look great stacked together too for a stylish feature in the living room or bathroom. 

If the shoe fits …

Shoe racks are one of the most effective ways to store shoes. Both practical and stylish, they’re perfect for placing under the stairs or inside a cupboard. Simply place your shoes neatly upon the rack and you’re done, it couldn’t be simpler.

‘I have enough jewellery’ – said no one ever

There’s nothing worse than rushing to get ready, only to find your necklaces are all tangled up. Jewellery hangers solve this instantly and not only do they eliminate tangling, they make a decorative feature in the bedroom to showcase your treasures.

Whether you’re looking to de-clutter the kitchen, tidy up the bathroom, or organise your wardrobe, take note of these savvy home storage solutions and say goodbye to mess. Shop Storage



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