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How To Get Your Garden Spring Ready!

How To Get Your Garden Spring Ready!

How to get your garden spring ready!

How To Get Your Garden Ready For Spring

It’s the perfect time of year to start getting the garden in ship shape for spring and summer! From de-weeding through to de-cluttering and tidying up, we’ve put together some helpful tips to get your garden ready for the warmer seasons.

Tidy Up The Garden

When it comes to sorting out the garden, you’ll want to tackle the winter waste first. From loose branches on the ground through to soggy leaves, pesky weeds and dead flowers, starting with a clear and tidy space will help you plan better and get your garden ready for spring. To help clear away leaves why not check out our large leaf bag for just £3.49.

Prepare yourself with a pair of glove, your go to tools, garden waste bags and get ready to transform your garden!

Begin by removing any loose litter on the ground, then start by attending to the flower beds and borders, removing as many weeds as you can. To finish off, pick up any leaves and branches that are left.

Remove The Clutter

It’s time to clear the clutter from your garden. Has the summer left your garden with some old toys lying around and garden furniture that has seen better days? Have your garden plant pots been weathered beyond repair and have your garden ornaments been blown out of place?

If there are toys that haven’t been played with in a while why not try selling them on or donating to charity. If your garden furniture could do with some love, try giving it a lick of paint. Giving your garden a good clear out will give it a new lease of life and prepare it for a new season.

Give The Shed Some Attention

Now that the garden is clear of clutter, it’s time to tackle the shed. Start by giving your garden tools a clean and organising them so you can easily access the ones you need the most.

Storage boxes and containers will help you to keep everything in the right place. You could also label each container so it makes your life easier when looking for what you need. If you have room, you could insert some shelving to save some space and ensure your shed is easy to navigate.

If you’re hoping to grow lots of fresh fruit, veg and plants this year then you could dig out any planters and pots ready to use for the new season. If you’re looking to update your garden planters this year then check out our wide range of plant pots and planters of all shapes, sizes and designs.

Transform The Patio

As we approach a new season, now is the perfect time to give your patio some love. After a long, cold and rainy winter, a build-up of grime and algae along with pesky weeds will of appeared. This can all be removed with ease using the following steps:

  1. Begin by removing any weeds and plants that have appeared in the cracks
  2. Using a garden brush, remove any loose dirt and debris
  3. Apply our patio cleaner and use the instructions to transform your garden patio back to new! Using a pressure washer will also save time.

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