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A FabChat With Lynsey Queen Of Clean

Fab Finds Interviews Lynsey Queen Of Clean
View of a Cleaning Guru

One of the very first cleaning gurus to grace Instagram, Lynsey has gone from strength to strength, turning her love of cleaning into a successful business.

With over 200k followers on Instagram, Lynsey is a Best Selling author and a professional cleaner on Channel 4’s Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners and a TV presenter on the Ideal World Shopping Channel.

Lynsey also makes regular appearances on This Morning, giving great cleaning advice to the masses. The Queen of Clean has come a long way since her rocky past and has turned a negative time in her life into an incredible positive.

So, while rebuilding your life and adjusting to caring for premature twins, why do you think cleaning helped you so much?

“Cleaning was my therapy. I had sought professional help and tried medication, but nothing helped. I only felt happy and in control if I was cleaning”. 

It’s not surprising. We all know the physical and mental health benefits of exercise, but the Scottish Health Survey 2018 found that regular housework decreased levels of stress and anxiety up to 20% And Lynsey literally cleaned herself to success!

Rising out of the ashes wasn’t all dust-yourself-off-and-start-again though. Coming to terms with her past and building a better future for herself and her young family took some doing.

Based on your own experience, what tips can you give to new parents of premature babies?

“Listen to the nurses and doctors, and then stick to a routine. Premature babies are very fragile and need more help and support, so routine is key.

“Be aware that your babies will be behind other children in their development, so don’t compare yourself and them with other families. These babies are special. They are fighters and can overcome anything”.

It sounds like Lynsey’s children inherited their fighting spirit from their mother. Lynsey moved on from her past long ago and is an extremely busy woman.

The favourite bit about her job?

"Meeting people from all over the country and working with amazing brands ". 

“These babies are special. They are fighters and can overcome anything!”

Lynsey has been a TV Cleaning Expert on Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners since 2014, where her reactions to other people’s mess have been a source of entertainment for many. Her straight-talking brings a new meaning to tough love, with a highlight coming from her row with Scott in series 2 of the show.

During Lynsey’s appearances on Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners, we’ve been allowed into her obsessive cleaning routines, which include mopping 4-5 times a day.

It also highlights the level of work cleaning takes, with Lynsey leaving everyone in the dust. No wonder she’s in such good shape.

So how did you end up on Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners?

“I used to run a local publishing company, and one day I had a call from Betty TV who were looking to run some adverts for families in my local area who needed help. We got chatting and then within a few days they auditioned me and I got the part”.

Which was your favourite show to make?

“Probably when I did Prehen House in Ireland. It was a beautiful National Trust Georgian home with so many secret rooms and a church underneath”.

Unfortunately, you can’t watch this episode anymore, but there are still some available on More4 if you wanted to relive Lynsey’s best bits.

Lynsey has released three books to date, with her most recent, The Easy Life shooting to the Best Sellers list. With her reviews and advice videos on YouTube, Lynsey’s pretty much cornered the market on natural cleaning products.

So what’s your favourite natural blend?

“Lemons. There’s so much you can do with them, plus they smell amazing”.

Is it all-natural products you like best, Lynsey? What are your top 3 favourite products?

“1. White wine vinegar spray because it’s Eco-friendly and will clean just about anything.

2. Washing up liquid as it’s so versatile and you can clean the most things with it.

3. Mr Sheen Mist Spray. It smells amazing and cleans brilliantly, and it brings back memories of my mum always using it when I was young”.

As you’ve often said, keeping a clean home is all about maintaining a routine. For someone struggling to build that routine, where would you get them to start?

"They need to work out what’s important to them: what areas do they want to keep clean all the time? Then they need to plan when they can find the time to clean and go from there. And they should make sure they involve other household members. Cleaning is about teamwork”. 

So is there a cleaning task you hate that you pass onto your team?

“Vacuuming the stairs!”

You’ve always been quite keen to support other bloggers and cleaners looking to follow your success.

What is the best advice you can give to someone looking for a similar career?

“Be honest. Be true to yourself and don’t worry about numbers. Spread yourself across all platforms, and build an informative website”. 

You’re such a motivated lady, what is it that keeps you striving for more?

"Life is short, so make the best of it. I know I can help and encourage people, and this motivates me even more”. 

“Be honest. Be true to yourself ”

Helping others is one of the best therapies. So where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

“I hope to see myself as the Martin Lewis of the cleaning and homecare sector. My journey has been tough, and it has always been small steps for me, but I want to spread advice and positivity for the long-term”.

You can see more of Lynsey on Instagram and Facebook and on ITV’s Good Morning. Find Lynsey’s books on Amazon, and check out her cleaning tips and reviews on her website.



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