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Garden Decor That Will Transform Your Garden

Garden Decor That Will Transform Your Garden

With a glorious summer on the horizon, we are all planning to spend a lot more time in our gardens this year. And why not? Those hot summer days and nights are the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors with your family and friends. From BBQs, parties, to picnics, games, and gardening - your backyard offers so many opportunities for fun. With all these outdoor activities, why not take the time to transform your garden. It doesn't take much! Discover our handy garden decor tips to help you and your guests can enjoy a stylish summer without breaking the bank.

 Add intrigue

This is especially important for small gardens where you want to make the most of your space. Different textures and tones for your garden decor will really elevate the overall look. Get creative and mix textures of stone, wood, and cement to bring your garden to life. You can achieve this through diversifying your planters - e.g. opt to buy ceramic pots, wicker hanging baskets, and plastic planters. These different materials will give your garden a unique twist that both maximises the space, and offers an intriguing appearance.

If you are not a fan of looking after live plants, then artificial plants can be a great way to go. You can get your hands on a stylish range of hanging designs like stars, balls, hearts and more at FabFinds. These designs are easy to hang, and will instantly add a new vibe to your backyard - with no gardening required!


Take it to new heights

 Adding various levels and eye-lines to your garden will immediately transform your space. Adding decorative pieces at diverse heights will work perfectly for smaller backyards, as it provides an spacious optical illusion. You can easily make this possible by fixing up wicker hanging baskets, over the door baskets, tall plants, large planters and small plant pots. A garden obelisk can be an elegant way of achieving height variation, as this tall, functional, spiral design offers a platform for you to grow climbing plants and roses.

With your garden wall or fence, you can optimise your space further by fixing planters to the wall and adding beautiful small flowers for vibrant pops of colour. By adding planters to different levels in your garden, you will be able to add depth and also optimise the smaller space that you may have.

Give it some character

No one likes a bland sight - and your garden is no different! There are lots of creative ways you can add some personality to your space. Garden ornaments are a great way to go. Add a cute little novelty gnome amongst your patio planters, or stick a fairy garden stake amongst your flower bed to give your backyard an enchanting look. These small features will catch the eye, and give your garden a cosy and magical atmosphere that will be perfect for when you have guests over. You can add these decorations at different heights as well, for example you can attach a radiant 3D suncatcher to your tree, whilst slotting in a small bird ornament in between your new plant pots. These unique additions will stimulate the eye, and truly make your garden shine.

Light it up!

Solar lights, lanterns, and fairy lights are perfect for illuminating your garden for a magical effect. Try weaving some butterfly fairy lights in your large tree or hedge to create a truly enchanting look. You can still add in the diverse height level trick with your lights by sticking stake solar lights amongst your flower beds, and adding a higher hanging lantern from a tree branch or fence. There are so many easy ways to incorporate solar lights into your garden, and these will really add the finishing touches to those BBQ parties that go on into the night.

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