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Homemade Natural Cleaning Products: Tips & Hacks

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As we become more aware of climate change and the impact of chemicals on everyday health, more and more of us are making the shift to natural, chemical-free cleaning.

What are the benefits of natural cleaners?

Natural cleaners can work out cheaper. Initially, there is often some investment, but ingredients can be bought in bulk for a long-term money-saver.

Most importantly, it’s sustainable and reduces waste. Reusing spray Natural Cleanersbottles throws out the need for single-use plastics, and there’s no need to worry about contaminating waterways and hurting aquatic life.

Natural cleaners are the eco-friendly option after all, and this also means they’re safe to use around our children and pets.

For those with Asthma and breathing difficulties, it can be a struggle to find chemical cleaners that don’t trigger attacks or at least make cleaning a difficult task.

What are the downsides?

There aren’t many, but natural cleaning products may have limited use-by dates in comparison to bought products. This depends on the ingredients of course, but chemicals preserve don’t you know, which is why people so often reach for the chemical option.

And did I mention time? Most natural cleaning products are quick and easy to make, but they do require some preparation, i.e. what are you cleaning and when.

Due to the time considerations and the use by limitations, it’s often best to make smaller batches of natural cleaners so you never need to waste what you’ve made.

So we decided to put together some natural cleaning tips and hacks to make your transition to natural cleaning products as smooth as possible.

Natural Window Cleaner

The best window cleaning solution is easy:

1. Mix 1 part hot water to 1 part white vinegar.

2. Spray on your windows and clean.

3. Rinse with water and buff for a streak-free shine.

 White Vinegar Fact Box

For windows that are really filthy, try a prewash with soapy water, and then go to the vinegar spray. Be aware that vinegar is a naturally acidic compound so rinsing is important, especially if you have any metal finishes on your windows.

Natural Washing up Liquid

Washing up liquid is heavily relied upon by most households. It needs to be able to cut through grease and grime quickly and efficiently, otherwise what’s the point?

Try this recipe on for size:

1. 3tbsp liquid castile soap

2. 2tbsp white vinegar

3. 2tsp glycerine

4. 500ml warm water

5. 10 drops of the essential oil of your choice

 Essential Oil Bottles

 Glycerine Fact Box

Natural Multi-purpose Cleaner

For work surfaces, walls, bins and so on, this recipe will give you a multipurpose cleaner that smells great:

1. Mix 1 part water to 1 part white vinegar in a spray bottle

2. Add lemon/orange rind (this can be substituted for lemon/orange essential oils)

3. Add some sprigs of rosemary

4. Shake to mix and/or leave to steep

The longer you leave this recipe to steep, the better it will be. Lemon and orange oils make great cleaners, and both the rind and the rosemary can be increased or reduced according to your taste.

 Essential Oil Fact Box

 Natural Toilet Cleaner

Let’s be honest, toilets can be a difficult ask when it comes to cleaning. Those of us with families are often sent running for the bleach. However, there are some natural solutions for those willing to try:

1. 95g bicarbonate of soda

2. 175ml white vinegarSoda & Vinegar

3. 10 drops tea tree oil

4. 10 drops lavender essential oil

This will need a scrub here and there but should lift limescale and other stains from the toilet bowl



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