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How To Achieve The Perfect Tan

With the weather getting warmer, it’s time to defrost your limbs and prepare the tank tops, summer dresses and shorts! If your skin has been in hibernation all winter, then we are going to give you the must-know tips to get you feeling like a bronzed goddess.

Regardless of whether you are vacationing in the Bahamas or camping in your backyard, we’re going to show you how to get a radiant and sun-kissed glow with our glorious range of bargain tanning products. An added bonus – no sun damage is included! We all know that too much UV ray exposure is harmful to our skin, but with a tan in a bottle you can achieve a healthy-looking colour without exposing yourself to sunburn or future wrinkles.

Step 1: Exfoliate Before Your Tan

The perfect tan all begins with skin preparation. In the shower, you can begin by exfoliating your skin from head to toe. You can do this with body scrubs, a loofah, shower gloves or brush. Pay special attention to dry and rough patches – as this is where the tan will cling to and create a patchy-looking finish. Areas that usually need more exfoliating-love would be your knuckles, elbows, knees, and the feet. Removing dead skin cells from your body before tanning will ensure that your colour lasts longer – and prevents an uneven application.

If you feel like a shave is in order, then it’s best to do so at this stage. Shaving your legs post-tanning will give a light exfoliation that may affect the longevity of your tan – so get your legs silky smooth now if you wish!

Step 2: Quench Thirsty Dry Skin

After your shower, it is essential to moisturise the dryer patches of your body before applying your tanning product. How much you moisturise at this point can depend on how dry your skin is – or whether you’re already going to use a moisturising tanning lotion. Over-moisturising at this step may prevent your tanning mousse from colouring your skin effectively, so you don’t want to over-do it.

We recommend applying a lightweight and oil-free body lotion to your hands, elbows, knees and feet – as these areas are where fake tan cling to. The lotion will provide a thin barrier between your skin and the fake tan – therefore preventing it from clinging to any dry spots. Just tend to the extra dry patches!

Step 3: Apply Your Tanning Mousse

It’s time to apply your fake tan! If you are using a tanning mousse like this Barry M Glow Deep Tan Mousse - then a tanning mitt is an essential to prevent an orange stain gathering on your hands throughout the tanning process. Simply pump the foam onto your mitt and apply an even coat all over your body.

Top tip – before dressing yourself wait for the tan to dry and settle for around 10 minutes. You can quicken this process by using your hair dryer to create a wind that will help to dry the tan. 

If you are using a more moisturising and gradual lotion like this Dove Summer Glow Body Lotion 250ml then you can get away with just using your hands. Gradual tanning lotions like these are perfect if you are new to tanning or prefer a more natural and subtle approach. Using products like this Anovia Gradual Glow Tan is the perfect way to test the depth of colour which you like, as every time you moisturise with this affordable product the tan will deepen. This means you will also avoid any orange tanning disasters!

Top tip – when you tan is developing, refrain from tasks which involve water such as washing up or cooking. A splash of liquid on your developing tan will cause a pale splodge to appear that will blemish your goddess glow.

Step 4: Allow Tan To Develop To Your Perfect Shade

After applying your tanning product, follow the instructions on what the product says to do next. Most tanning mousses will require 5-6 hours to develop – so during this time you should avoid getting your skin wet. When you have developed to your desired colour, you can get in the shower to wash off the tanning product. When the tan is developing, you should avoid contact with white or expensive clothing, towels, or bedsheets; the tan is likely to stain fabric. Therefore we always recommend tanning in your old pyjamas, or sleeping in bedsheets that you know will go into the laundry soon.

Top tip: when washing your tan away after the developing period, we recommend not using a body scrub, loofah or shower glove. Over-exfoliating your skin at this stage will just work away your layer of fake tan and cause it to go patchy very quickly. Therefore, until you want to remove your tan completely, we recommend just using your hands and shower gel to wash your body – this will ensure that your tan lasts for as long as possible!  

Now your perfectly bronzed tan is complete. Go and strut your stuff in the summer sun!



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