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How To Clean Your Washing Machine

How To Clean Your Washing Machine

We all depend on our washing machines to keep us smelling fresh and feeling clean. But have you considered how dirty your washing machine is? A monthly scrub down of your washing machine will enable you to keep nasty odours and mould at bay – so your machine is more efficient at making your laundry smell beautiful. This simple and cost-effective method includes natural, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic products that you probably already have lying around the house. Follow these easy steps to get your washing machine feeling like a million bucks.

What you will need for a squeaky clean washing machine:

Simple steps to clean your washing machine:

  1. Combine a splash of water with 32g (1/4 cup) of bicarbonate of soda. Then add this mixture to the draw of your washing machine.
  2. Measure out 2 cups of white vinegar and pour this into the drum of your machine.
  3. Program your washing machine to a regular hot wash and let the machine do its magic! The innovative combination of bicarbonate of soda and vinegar will naturally destroy any mould growth whilst cleaning, deodorising, and refreshing your washing machine.
  4. When the cycle has ended, the final step involves wiping down the drum with a clean sponge or cloth; this enables you to remove any mould or residue which may still be lurking in the drum.Top Tip: Use your old toothbrush to gently lift the seals to scrub away any stubborn residue. This handy toothbrush trick makes it easy-peasy to reach those difficult areas.

And that’s the job done! Grab your laundry detergent and fabric conditioner and start enjoying your fresh machine. Find all your cleaning essentials at bargain prices online at FabFinds.

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