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How To Decorate Your Christmas Tree Like a Pro

We all want the perfect Christmas tree covered in coordinating baubles, decorations twinkling lights and on trend colours, however it’s usually easier said than done. Decorating a Christmas tree is not always the easiest task, especially for the perfectionists out there, but once it’s finished it becomes the centrepiece of your home throughout the festive season. Here at FabFinds we’ve put together a step by step guide to make sure your Christmas tree is decorated like a professional!

  1. Invest in a High Quality Tree

Investing in a high quality Christmas tree made from strong materials will provide a sturdy and supportive base for you to hang all of your chosen decorations. When using a high-quality Christmas tree, you’ll discover that they are generally more durable and can be used year after year whilst maintaining their beautiful look and style.

When choosing your tree, you’ll want to think about what will and won’t go out of fashion in years to come. Opting for a traditional tree rather than a trend inspired one means you’ll have a perfect base to layer and decorate as you wish in years to come. Pre-lit Christmas trees and snowy pine Christmas trees are becoming more popular in recent years and add an even more festive feel to your Christmas décor.

If you don’t want to fake it and prefer having an authentic Christmas tree, then there are many different types and styles available to buy including Norrdmann Fir, Balsam Fir, Fraser Fir and more.

  1. Fluff and Expand Your Branches

Fluffing the branches of your Christmas tree will add more volume and make your tree look fuller and more natural. Though this job can be very time consuming, the end result is most definitely more than worth it. Start by separating each branch so they fan out to cover as much area as possible, and with the smaller individual branches don’t be scared to bend these out too, to cover more gaps in your tree. Whilst this job may take you a while, remember that the end result will be amazing and a fuller shaped tree always makes for a more appealing sight, no matter how many decorations you have on it!

  1. Pick a Theme

In order to make your tree stand out and look insta-worth you’ll want to pick a theme that will tie all of your decorations together. Think about what kind of theme you want to go with. Are you going to stick to neutral colours like white and beige or do you want to go all out with pops of bright colours and gold accents? Deciding on a theme before choosing your decorations will set the tone for when it comes to buying your materials and will give you a clear idea on how to decorate your Christmas tree.

  1. Lighting first

The first and most important thing you need to do when decorating your tree is to attach the lights. It’s a lot harder to do this after you’ve added all your decorations like baubles, tinsel and garland so make sure you make this a priority before anything else to save yourself time and hassle!

The best way to wrap your lights around your tree is to start with your plug as the starting point, then begin to wrap it around your Christmas tree’s trunk, working your way up from the middle of the base of your tree. Continue wrapping the lights around all the branches nearest to the trunk of your tree, and then gradually weave the lights upwards from the top of your tree. Once you reach the top of your tree, being to weave your lights the opposite way back downwards, onto your branches – keep doing this until you reach the tips of the branches.

  1. Choosing your Decorations

When it comes to choosing your decorations, you’ll want to choose accents and colours that fit in with your theme. This will help you keep a cohesive design throughout and make for a more appealing tree! Whether you’re decorating your tree with hanging decorations, garland, ribbons or floral picks, always go for decorations that will enhance and compliment your tree. A lot of bauble sets will include different shapes and sizes with a variation of styles. A good tip for adding some extra wow-factor to your tree is to cluster three baubles of different sizes together. You could either pair matching baubles together or choose contrasting styles – either or will make for a more eye-catching tree!

  1. Attach and style with Ribbons

Adding decorative ribbons is another clever way gives your tree some extra impact! Christmas tree ribbon decorations add a lovely festive finishing touch and are super simple and easy to do. With endless amounts of different ribbon styles such as jute, soft and silky styles, tartan, gold and silver and all white sparkly ribbons, you can either use the same ribbon all over or choose to use contrasting styles with different textures and lengths to create more of a holiday inspired impression!

  1. Use Floral Christmas Picks

Floral picks come in a whole range of sizes and styles to add some more festive feel-good to your home. Adding floral picks to your tree will take it that step further and make for a perfect holiday season centre piece. Using them sparingly all over your tree will complement the all over look of your tree. Check out our range of Floral Christmas picks here for some inspiration!

  1. Choosing a Tree Topper

One of the best parts of decorating your tree is adding the tree topper and feeling that sense of accomplishment as you admire your hard work! When choosing a tree topper ensure you choose one that compliments your all over theme, size and style of your tree and décor. Many people opt for stars and angels however bows and ribbons are becoming more popular in recent years and add a more contemporary feel rather than traditional.

  1. Don’t Forget Your Tree’s Skirt!

The perfect finishing touch is adding your Christmas tree skirt! Tree skirts have many benefits- from hiding the legs, trunk or stand of your tree to protecting your floors from fallen pine needles. They also create an attractive backdrop to your presents, whilst adding to the overall appearance of your tree!



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