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How To Decorate Your Home For Easter In 2022

We need no excuse to decorate our homes for Easter, with all the vibrant florals, bunnies galore and chocolate eggs, it's so easy to go all out for the celebrations. With Easter falling at a later date this year on April 17, there’s still plenty of time to start planning and making your decorations.
Decorating your home for Easter should be fun and and you don't need to go splashing out on the cash to make your home look amazing. FabFinds have put together 10 egg-citing ideas to help you decorate your home for the special day. 

Painted Eggs

A fun activity to enjoy doing with the kids in the run up to Easter, they'll love painting their own eggs with colourful and unique designs. Plus when placed inside teacups, bowls and jars, painted eggs make for wonderful displays. 

Steps for emptying eggs

1. Start by piercing the egg at each end with a pin or safety pin.
2. Then make the hole at the base large enough to fit a cocktail stick through. Be careful not to break the shell. 
3. Push the cocktail stick into the base and twist around inside to break the yolk.
4. Over a jug or bowl use a straw to blow hard inside the egg and flush out the contents. First the egg white should come out followed by the yolk.
5. Clean the shell by running it under the hot water tap and gently drying it off with kitchen towel. 
6. Now you're ready to start decorating!

Floral Centrepiece

There's no better way to freshen up a room than with a beautiful floral display filled with freshly picked spring flowers like hyacinths and peonies. Prepare your dining table for the big Easter meal with a gorgeous floral centrepiece to impress any guests. Whether you use real or artificial flowers you’ll be able to create a wonderful focal point.
There’s no need to spend loads on your floral displays, as just by washing out a used eggshell you can create beautifully dainty vases in eggshell shades of porcelain. Discover how to make your eggshell planters by following along to this easy guide here.

Easter Nests

Easter craft projects make the holiday so much more thrilling! Creating your own Easter nest display is a fun and relaxing activity, where afterwards you can enjoy them on display around your home.
You can create your own Easter nest by lining a small wicker bowl with our green Easter Grass. Once you’ve shaped your Easter nest you can fill with things like chocolate eggs or our adorable mini chicks and decorative flowers.

Easter Wreath

Easter wreaths are perfect for bringing some springtime cheer to your home and will make the perfect accessory for your front door, hallway or as a table centrepiece. From pretty floral designs to pastel coloured eggs the customisations are endless. Whether you choose to make your own or buy a ready-made one we’re sure you’ll find a style to suit you. 
If you’d like to hand make a wreath yourself there’s plenty of kits you can get online that will help you save on time, like this great one from Etsy that includes all the instructions as well.

Egg Tree

If you're looking for a new and colourful way to decorate your home for Easter then Easter themed trees are perfect. Tree decorating isn’t just reserved  for Christmas, growing in popularity Easter trees give your home that much needed spring upgrade. Ostereierbaum or Easter tree is an old German tradition for decorating bear tree branches with Easter eggs. It's so easy to make your own Easter tree just by gathering some tree branches outside and decorating with your colourful eggs you can create a wonderful display.
Whether you choose to decorate your outdoor trees or have an indoor one, you’ll still enjoy the quality time spent as a family decorating your tree. Some popular Easter trees include birch style trees, which offer a rustic look that will compliment any egg colours and make wonderful centrepieces during your Easter Sunday lunch.

Hang Easter Bunting

Set the scene by hanging up some colourful Easter bunting around your living room and dining area. Bunting is essential for any Easter parties and will really transform any room. Nothing will show off your Easter spirit more than our Happy Easter Banner.
Pom pom bunny garlands are easy to make all you need is a long string of yarn, card cut outs of rabbits, small pegs and of course pom poms for tails.  


FabFinds Easter Range

Enjoy an egg-stravegent Easter party with the our Easter collection, from decorative eggs to themed banners, table decor, easter arts & crafts, and more! Browse the full range here.



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