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How To Have a Stress Free Christmas

As we all start to look forward (or not so much!) to the big day, the thought of trying to get everything organised can cause quite a lot of stress! With us now finally being able to celebrate under one roof, the thought of different personalities and different needs and wants coming together can become quite overwhelming! Here at FabFinds we’ve come up with a few ways in which you can try and keep calm this Christmas.

Be realistic

It’s easy to get caught up with the idea that your home need to look ‘Insta worthy’ this Christmas with all the ‘perfect’ looking homes on social media. However, this idea of perfect is unrealistic and doesn’t represent what truly matters at Christmas – being together as a family! Here at FabFinds we have plenty of affordable Christmas decorations that will help get your home ready for Christmas your way!


There’s nothing worse than rushing around trying to do everything last minute at Christmas. Shopping online will help with avoiding the large crowds and ques, just make sure you allow time for delivery! Buying Christmas trees with pre lit stems and using Christmas gift bags and Christmas Eve boxes instead of wrapping paper will save plenty of time. If you’re not a fan of baking, then there’s no shame in buying pre made mince pies and Christmas cookies!

Balancing Different Personalities

So, let’s face it, around Christmas tensions can rise and not everyone is guaranteed to get along. If you’re aware there might be people in the same house who tend to not always see eye to eye, why not make sure their seats are on opposite sides of the table or encourage people to take a walk or distract with some family games if you feel tensions beginning to rise.

Keep it Simple

It’s easy to want to fill your day with plenty of fun activities, however don’t try to fit too much in! Try and accommodate for the unexpected to avoid disappointment. Board games are great for keeping everyone entertained, and allowing the little ones to have a play on their new toys. If people don’t want to play games then stick the TV on and let them enjoy some classic Christmas films in the background.

Remember to relax

Make sure that with all the running around and making sure everyone is happy, that you, too sit down and enjoy Christmas. Take a nap in the afternoon with some cosy blankets and cushions. Light one of your favourite candles to eliminate any cooking smells or sit down to enjoy a glass or bubbly. It’s your Christmas too after all!



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