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How To Keep Your Dog Cool During Summer

The heat of summer is not always great news for man’s best friend. The balmy temperatures of July and August can certainly be bad news if you’re covered in an inescapable fur coat. Luckily, there are many ways you can keep your pooch from suffering with heatstroke. We’ve put together our best tips for chilling out your dog so both of you can enjoy the summer months safely.

Key tips so your pooch can keep it cool:

  1. Keep your dog in shaded areas and encourage them away from direct sunlight (no sunbathing!)
  2. Lay down a cooling pad like this Rosewood Chillax Cool Pad. This handy mat will help keep your pet cool as they sleep either during the day or the night. If you don’t have one of these to hand in an unexpected heatwave, then laying down damp towels for your doggy to snooze on will also help to cool them down.
  3. Let them run through the garden sprinkler!
  4. Pick out one of our awesome paddling pools and fill it with cold water. Your dog can then go for a refreshing paddling or swim whenever the heat feels too much. To encourage them to go for a paddle, we have an amazing range of aqua toys and floating balls which are perfect for enticing them into the cool water.

Avoid leaving your doggy in the car

Even leaving your dog in a shaded car with the windows down is not ideal. Hot cars can be fatal for dogs as when they’re left alone they become distressed and anxious very easily. This discomfort only multiplies when dealing with extremely hot temperatures. The best solution is to always factor your pet into your plans ahead of time; this way you never have to leave them alone in the car.

Hydration is key for a woof-derful time!

Just like us, doggies will need extra water to beat the heat. When at home, ensure that their water bowl is always full. When you’re out and about, you can take along a water bottle with you, as well as a fold-able water bowl that is so handy for long car journeys.

Walk at cooler times

Try to take your pooch out for a walk in the early morning or late evening in order to avoid the searing midday sunshine. This will make the walk far more comfortable for your doggy and keep them from over-heating too much.

Find new ways to play!

Lots of energetic running around is not ideal for warm weather. It’s time to get creative to ensure that your pooch does not overheat or get uncomfortable in the sun.

  • Hide away toys or treats and let your doggy find them. This will still stimulate their playful nature but does not require lots of energetic running that will get them hot and bothered.
  • Use aqua toys and floating toys to entice your pooch into a chilling paddling pool where they can splash away to their heart's content!
  • Freezable dog toys! With this toy all you need to do is soak it in water and then pop it in the freezer - preferably overnight. Hand this to your pet on a hot day to know only keep them cool, but also hydrated as the water melts during their playtime!



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