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How to Keep Your Dog Happy & Healthy

An active body and mind

Dog toys are wonderful for keeping your doggy’s mind and body active. For a young and energetic pooch, then you need a toy that is perfect for playing fetch or tug of war. In this instance, we recommend opting for a Hounds Frisbee or a PetFace Rope Ball. These toys provoke high energy activity like running that is sure to keep your pet as fit as a fiddle. 

For lazier dogs, or an older pet who is less energetic, then you can still exercise their minds with treat dispenser chew toys like this Toyz Treatball from PetFace. Toys like this are perfect for getting the cogs turning as they figure out how to chew the toy in order to release the treat. The textured rubber details of chews like this are also perfect for massaging your dog’s teeth and gums, so it helps to scrub away plaque for a healthy set of nashers (as well as strengthening their jaw!).

Self-occupying toys like treat dispensers are perfect for when you may leave your pooch alone for an extended period of time; your doggy will remain entertained so they can refrain from misbehaving or feeling separation anxiety. Depending on what kind of pooch you have, the need to occupy them will be more prominent in certain breeds like terriers. Chew toys or treats will also prevent your pooch from deciding to munch on your expensive cushions or shoes when you leave them to their own devices!

Treat time!

Dog treats are the perfect way to reward your pet and remind them how much you love them. Wiggles dog treats are a nutritious option as they are low in fat but high in protein, so they make a delicious and healthy treat to supplement your pooch’s diet. With flavours like salmon, beef, chicken, and duck – your furry friend is sure to be left woofing for more! If you have a hungry doggy who gets through treats quickly, then a rawhide chew makes a great alternative. These are tougher and chewier treats which are still deliciously meaty, but will ensure that your pooch's treat time lasts a little longer.

Give them the perfect place to snooze

Even if you allow your doggy to sleep in your bed (and we’re not judging you…who can resist that cuteness?) it’s still essential that your pooch has a bed of their own. This is because dogs enjoy napping at all hours of the day, and they will need somewhere comfy to rest in order to prevent calluses – or support arthritic joints. As your pooch loves to be anywhere you are in the house, it’s a good idea to have a dog bed placed in each room where you spend a lot of time i.e. kitchen (especially if you have hard, cold tile flooring!), living room, and bedroom. This means your pet always has a comfortable seating option – and they can always keep an eye on you!

Keep your doggy socialised

Just like you, your pooch will enjoy meeting new friends. Keeping your pet isolated inside your home will prove to be emotionally and mentally detrimental for them. A less socialised doggy is more likely to become fearful of other humans or animals – consequently making your pooch more likely to act aggressively when faced with strangers. 

The easiest way to get your puppy meeting friends is to go on regular dog walks to public parks or country areas where you know other friendly pups and dog walkers will be. It’s important to take your doggy’s unique personality into consideration; if they have a timid nature, then it is advisable to introduce them to one person or puppy at a time so they are not overwhelmed.

Channel your inner pack leader

It’s very important to train your pooch for their own brain stimulation, but also in order to set boundaries and rules which will keep them safe and happy. Training your doggy will strengthen your bond as their owner, as you make your expectations of them clear and consistent. A reliable relationship will make your doggy feel comfortable in their own expectations of you. Love and affection is of course very important – for both you and your pooch! But asserting yourself as their boss allows a respectful bond to be built for life. Set certain rules like making playtime for when they are relaxed and receptive, and encouragingly reinforce woof-derful behaviour by rewarding them with delicious dog treats. The last thing you want to do is confuse your doggy – so when you establish your role as boss make sure you remain consistent!

Pamper your pooch

Regularly brushing your furry canine friend means you can remove dead hair and distribute natural oils for a shiny and healthy coat. A good brushing will also exfoliate away dead or dry skins cells, as well as helping you to become familiar with your dog's body so you can make note of any possible irregularities. It is recommended that you regularly brush your doggy’s coat every few days – regardless of their breed or the length of their fur. Finally, keep them looking smart by investing in a stylish dog collar and lead – check out these ones from Hounds! A quality material like leather will ensure that your dog’s collar and lead remain secure for a long time (even if they are an unruly doggy!). 




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