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How To Make Your Own Christmas Garland


Making your own Garland is a perfect way to add your own touch and personality to your Christmas décor, aswell as matching it to your existing home décor.

A festive DIY garland can be used to decorate your banister and a whole range of other places around the home. You can also use your garland to decorate the fireplaces, door arches, window sills or whereever you want to add some festive joy!

Get Your Garland

First things first is to get hold of your garland. Here at FabFinds, we have a wide selection of festive garlands that you can use to decorate yourself as well as ready made garlands to suit a range of colour schemes.

If you haven’t got lots of time or you’ve never made a garland before, you might want to choose a pre-decorated garland that come with berries, holly and artificial mini presents attached! Made from flexible wire,these garlands can be easily attached to your banister, mantelpiece or wherever you choose to place your garland.

If you have more experience in crafting, we have plain garlands and wreaths that you can decorate in the way you like!


Once you’re selected your garland and added your personal touch, you can simply attach to your place of choice using cable ties.

Add Some Lights

Now for the fun part … time to light up your festive garland! By adding some pretty lights, your garland will look extra festive and add a lovely glow to your space.

Carefully start by weaving the lights in and out of your garland, spreading them out evenly as you go. Here at FabFinds we have a wide range of Christmas lights to use.

Decorate With Baubles

Once you’ve added your lights, its time to add the all important decorations to get your garland looking extra festive. Choose to decorate your garland with decorations such a mini and regular sized baubles. Hang each bauble to your garland with care, making sure its securely in place using the string attached at the top.


If you have some old baubles lying around that you don’t plan on using, why not give them a spray paint and repurpose them in your garland!

Why not add more than just baubles to your garland by adding items such as picks, cinnamon sticks and more! Add as many decorations as you like for a truly festive garland that will be a perfect centre piece to any room!

Make sure everything is securely in place by giving your garland a little shake. Stand back and enjoy the Christmassy feeling that your beautiful garland gives whilst enjoying some mulled wine and a mince pie!



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