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How To Make Your Own Hand Sanitiser

Welcome to the first of our How To blogs! This will be the first of many How To’s, and we’d love for you to get involved and ask us questions, so we can put together the answers in helpful little blogs like this one ☺


The current global climate has us all waiting with bated breath. Will there be a global pandemic or won’t there?

As a result, there are plenty of folks - schools and businesses included - high-tailing it out to the shops and buying any and all hand sanitiser they can grab.

So if you’re struggling to find hand sanitiser anywhere, why not make your own?

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We’ve found this simple recipe and have done our best to explain the ingredients and the changes you can make to create your own version. Check it out:

  1. 4 tbsp 91% rubbing alcohol/ethyl alcohol
  2. 6 tbsp Aloe Vera gel
  3. 20 drops tea tree oil

Simply add all the ingredients together and give it a good mix. Put it into an old pump bottle or jar to keep it handy around the house.

How To Use Hand Wash Guide

Which alcohol should I use for hand sanitiser?

There are 2 types of alcohols that can be used for this recipe:

  • Rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol)
  • Ethyl alcohol (Ethanol)

Both can be used as a cleaning ingredient. The difference is that rubbing alcohol can be harsher on the skin, and should never be consumed. So if you intend to use this on your children and have any hand lickers in the family, rubbing alcohol should be avoided.

Ethyl alcohol is the same alcohol used in intoxicating beverages, like beer and wines. Interestingly, it’s also one of the components used in fuel…You learn something new every day! So it can be consumed and is gentler on the skin.

If you’d rather avoid alcohol altogether, swap it out for Witch Hazel. It has a scent but will do the same job as the other two.

What are the benefits of using Aloe Vera on the skin?

Aloe Vera: part of nature’s vast bounty, and also the way you greet your eighty-something next-door neighbour.

This natural gel is harvested directly from the Aloe Vera plant and is wonderfully healing and moisturising. It can be frozen and used for burns, but also protects the skin and keeps in moisture.

Aloe Vera Image

There aren’t many alternatives to Aloe Vera for this hand sanitiser, as it’s the main ingredient for the gel base. However, if you’re totally opposed to using it, you could try coconut oil. We can’t recommend that it will turn out as well though.

Which essential oils are best to use?

Essential oils are a great way to bring the scent to your hand sanitiser, but many of them have health and cleaning properties too.

Essential Oils Image

Mix these scents to create something lush. Try a tea tree and lavender oil blend, they smell amazing together, and both have antibacterial properties. For this recipe, add 10 drops of each for a great combination.

Check out these other essential oils and their properties to help you choose your perfect combo:

Essential Oils Guide Chart 

But don’t forget to wash your hands

Hand sanitiser is great for instant cleaning after coughing or sneezing, but washing your hands with soap and water is an important habit too.

After nipping to the loo and before preparing food, give your hands a wash with some liquid hand wash or a good old bar of soap. There’s plenty out there to suit all tastes, from floral to antibacterial.

Why not check out our range of Hand Wash & Soaps at FabFinds and find great deals from your favourite brands?

We love the scent of the Original Source Creamy Vanilla and Raspberry Hand Wash. It smells so delicious with a 100% natural scent.

For bars of soap, Dove’s Micellar Soap for sensitive skin is great for those who suffer from dry skin conditions. There’s nothing worse than trying to use hand sanitiser on cracked, sore skin. So in this instance, a nice, gentle hand soap is a great alternative.

Give our hand sanitiser a go and let us know what you come up with. Ping us a message on Facebook, or tag us @shopatfabfinds in your photo on Instagram, we’d love to hear from you.



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