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How To Organise an Easter Egg Hunt

How To Organise an Easter Egg Hunt

How To Organise An Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunts have been a long-standing tradition for many years. Generations of children and adults enjoy the excitement of searching for Easter eggs all over the house and garden. Easter egg hunts are a perfect idea for the Easter holidays and keeping the kids entertained whilst having fun. We have put together some helpful ideas to help you throw the best Easter Egg hunt yet!

Easter Egg Hunt

Get Prepared

First of all, you will want to decide whether you want to use plastic, real or chocolate eggs. Plastic eggs are perfect for filling with whatever you want such as toys and sweets, whilst real eggs can be decorated and painted in colourful styles. Provide about 5-10 eggs for each child in your household making sure you have enough baskets. You can also opt for craft bags or buckets if you are running low on baskets.

Easter Egg Hunt

Hiding your eggs

Welcome to the fun part! Keep track of where you are hiding each egg so no eggs go unfound. You can implement fun ideas such as adding bunny tracks to the search, perfect for creating a sense of magic for the little ones. If you have older children, you could create some riddles or clues for them to work out or you could design a Easter Egg Hunt map for other children to use. Another fun way to add more excitement to your hunt is by adding one exclusive ‘golden’ egg to the hunt that could contain special treats inside such as money.

Easter Decor

To add more fun to the experience, why not get everyone to wear some easter themed headwear. You can also decorate your garden and home with some Easter banners, window stickers and decorations. Why not check out our full Easter range here for some inspiration.

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