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How to Make Your Own DIY Easter Pom Pom Decorations

How to Make Your Own DIY Easter Pom Pom Decorations

Easter is right around the corner so why not get the whole family together to make these crafty critters. These pom pom decorations are so easy to pull together, and there are so many ways to get creative with the designs. Make an adorable chick, a fluffy bunny, an Easter egg – the options are endless!
With our quality yarn and wool, you can truly let your imagination run wild. Choose between Poodle Yarn, Two Tone Chunky, Glitz & Glam, Magic Aran and much more to make each pom pom design wonderfully unique. Pom Poms can easily be made with a simple DIY cardboard tool. Our range of bright colours can help you unleash your imagination for Easter.
Step one: Prepare your DIY pom pom maker by drawing a circle on a piece of cardboard. After cutting out this circle, draw a smaller circle in the centre and cut this out also by making one single snip inside. Create a small “v” shape where you cut out the little circle to make the wool easier to pull through. Repeat this step so you have two cardboard circles.
Step two: Place the two circles together and wrap the yarn through the slit you created. Begin to wrap around evenly around the sides of the circle. Keep on wrapping the yarn until the middle circle is completely filled.
Step three: Carefully, using a pair of sharp scissors cut the yarn between the two circles all the way around your cardboard Pom Pom maker.
Step four: Cut a length of yarn and tie a super tight knot around the middle of the pom-pom. Ensure that you bring the yarn around to the other side and make another tight knot to keep your pom pom together.
Step five: The final step! Just trim around your newly created pom pom to ensure that the finished product is perfectly round and even.
Now that you have completed your pom pom, you can get decorating it to resemble anything Easter related. If you went for yellow yarn, then why not make your pom pom into an adorable duck with some googley eyes and an orange felt beak? A bunny rabbit and piglet are also easy animals to create. Shop our Happy Easter Craft Set which includes pastel coloured pipe cleaners, googley eyes and fluffy balls to turn your pom poms into whatever you desire.
The kids will also love these Easter Egg colour kits! Let their imagination run wild as they colour in bright Easter Egg designs - the perfect accompaniment for their new pom pom decoration! With fun rustling grass decor, colourful Easter Eggs, sparkling carrots, and decorative daisies - you can create a truly magical Easter display throughout your home! Perfect if you are planning a magical Easter egg hunt.
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