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11 Easy Spring Clean Tips

11 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips For Every Room In Your House

Breathe some life back into your home in time for Spring, with our ultimate Spring cleaning guide!  After a long winter in our homes, we can’t wait to be able to open up our windows and fill the house with the fresh spring air.  

Spring cleaning is all about tackling those cleaning jobs you’ve been putting off, from removing limescale from your kettle to polishing those wooden floors.

If you really want your home to shine, you need to put effort into your Spring cleaning schedule. However, you don’t need expensive products to clean your home, just common household ingredients like white vinegar and baking soda can be real lifesavers.

Cleaning your house from top to bottom can feel very overwhelming, which is why we’ve put together a list of Spring Cleaning tips and tricks to help you get through each area of your home.  

 1. Spring Clean Windows 

Spring arriving means longer days and lush views, so make sure you’ll be able to enjoy it by keeping your windows sparkling clean and free of any dust, dirt and fingerprints.

When it comes to cleaning your windows, wait until it’s a cool, cloudy day. This is to avoid soap and cleaning products drying on your windows, leaving you with frustrating smears. 

If you can’t wait until it’s cloudy, just wait until the sun isn’t shining directly on your windows.

Our reusable microfiber cloths will help you Spring clean your windows. The cloth has unique, dense weaves that trap dirt and oils, making spring cleaning even easier.

Tackle your window glass with the Elbow Grease Glass cleaner, perfect for your home’s super shiny and streak-free windows. This spring cleaning essential is fortified with white vinegar for an effective cleaning treatment.

2. Microwave Grease Removal

Spring cleaning your microwave is always as task people put off doing. It’s a time-consuming task and because you don’t see inside the microwave, it’s easy to ignore. 

To get rid of the microwave grease - 

  1. Heat up a microwave-safe bowl of water, vinegar and lemon juice. 
  2. Leave this to steam inside your microwave to break down any stains and dried on food.
  3. Wipe down the surfaces of the microwave

Avoid using heavy-duty cleaners and bleach, as these can damage your appliance’s interior.

Another great solution for spring cleaning your microwave is to use dedicated cleaning products such as the Clean & Shine Steam Microwave Cleaner, which effectively kills germs and bacteria build-ups. 

3. Washing Machine Spring Clean

Your washing machine won’t be able to effectively clean your clothes if it’s not clean itself. It’s best to keep on top of spring cleaning your washing machine, so you’re not left with any faults later down the line.

Washing machine drawers are damp areas that can grow mould. Start cleaning by removing all detachable elements and washing them in hot soapy water. If you’re having trouble getting into small areas, try scrubbing them with a toothbrush. 

Brite Washing Machine Cleaner is the perfect solution for stopping the build-up of limescale and getting rid of any unpleasant smells. 

4. Freshen up Carpets with Baking Soda

Rugs are important to keep clean, especially with pets or kids in your house. Your carpet goes through a lot on a daily basis from muddy shoes, spills, crumbs and pet fur. 

A great way to get rid of pet fur is by applying baking soda, which helps to loosen fur from the fabric and deodorise it. Spread a light coating of baking soda over your rug and leave to sit for 10 minutes. Finish off with a thorough vacuuming of the rug.

Spring clean those rugs with the Astonish Fabric Refreshener with a lasting floral scent that neutralises trapped odours. 

5. Spring Clean Wooden Floors

Floors take the most wear and tear in our homes. All the dirt and debris we bring in from outside can damage and mark the floor. Allowing your wooden floors to get too dirty can permanently damage the wood itself, which is why it’s important to mop your floors at least once a month.

To clean your wooden floors, we recommend first checking the type of wooden floor you have, as some floor cleaners can bleach certain types of wood. 

A natural way to get shiny wooden floors is simply by mixing warm water with white vinegar; apply to floors using a mop to prevent any water damage. Vacuum floors before mopping to removing large bits of debris and dust particles. Always spot test in a corner of your floor first, as your cleaning solution may be too acidic for some wooden floors. 

The Stardrops Laminate Wood Floor Cleaner is a quick solution for spring cleaning your wooden floors and leaves it with a professional looking finish. 

6. Bad Bin Odour

Cleaning bins out is a task no one wants to do, but the longer you leave it, the worst it gets. 

Just changing the bin bags is not enough they’ll always be the odd spillages from leftovers and drinks bottles. Bin bags can often leak in the bin container too, leaving residue that needs to be cleaned.

To remove tough stains, add bicarbonate of soda to your bin, then spray with a disinfectant, rinse with warm water and wipe dry. 

For spraying down those bins, try using our 

7. Bathroom Tile Grime

Bathrooms may be the smallest rooms in our house, but can be the most time consuming when it comes to spring cleaning. 

It’s important to keep our bathroom tiles clean, not only for hygiene purposes, but also to prevent any damage or wear over time. To avoid spending hours scrubbing each tile, make your own natural cleaning spray with a mix of water and white vinegar. Spray directly onto the tiles and buff dry to avoid any streaks. 

If you’re not a fan of the smell of vinegar, try a ready made product like The Easy Bathroom Cleaner Trigger Spray, which is perfect for use on bathroom tiles for removing limescale, grime and dirt. 

8. Dishwasher

If you’re finding a build-up of chalky residue in your dishwasher, then it’s time to spring clean that limescale fast before it starts damaging your dishwasher components. 

One of the best remedies is white vinegar combined with hot water makes. This sping cleaning mixture helps to break down chalky scale and wash it away without endless scrubbing. 

The Elbow Grease Dishwasher Cleaner will keep your dishwasher looking sparkling new and effectively removes grease from filters, water pumps, and drains.

9. Garden Furniture Cleaning

With spring bringing warm weather and sunny days, it’s time to spend more time relaxing outside.

It’s easy to spruce up your worn garden furniture and get it in top shape for those outdoor parties and barbecues. 

Spring clean plastic garden furniture with a mixture of hot water, washing up liquid and even a drop of bleach for tough stains. Use a soft sponge to avoid damaging the material. 

Our Butterfly Water Sprayers are perfect for helping you clean your garden table and chairs, whilst getting the little ones involved in your spring cleaning efforts. Our water sprayers are perfect for watering your plants as well.

10. Kettle Limescale

Inside your kettle, mineral build up will start to happen, along with bacteria and mould. This can then start to leave your drinks with an unpleasant taste. 

An easy way to descale your kettle is to pour equal parts of water and white vinegar into your kettle and when it comes to boil leave to sit for a few hours. 

These Clean & Shine Descaler Tablets will make quick work of spring cleaning your kettle and coffee machines. 

11. Purify The Air 

After a long winter, it’s important to open up your windows and rid your home of all that stagnant air that’s been building up for months. 

When you’re spring cleaning your home, the last thing you want is for dust and dirt to still be lingering around in the air, especially if you suffer from allergies. 

Just by opening up windows either side of your house, this will really get the air flowing and blow away those unwanted odours.

Another way you can improve the air quality in your home is by using a hanging dehumidifier, which is perfect for preventing the build-up of damp, mould and mildew, and condensation. 

FabFinds Spring Clean

If you’re looking for more cleaning products, then browse our updated range of cleaning products to help you with your spring cleaning. 

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