Floor, Carpet Cleaners & Fresheners

No matter if the floor in question is wood, tiled, lino or laminate - FabFinds has a great range of floor-cleaning products to get the job done. Read more.

Consisting of gel-types, liquid cleaners and anti-bacterial floor wipes from brands such as Dettol, Stardrops, Astonish and Flash, all for unbelievable prices.

Carpets and rugs have to take a lot of punishment on a daily basis, whether it’s, people walking on them, things being dropped on them, or pets rolling around on them and passing over their scent and bringing in the dirt and grime from outside.

At FabFinds all find carpet fresheners such as Vanish and 1001, that delve deep into the fibres and eradicate odours and smells, returning them to former glories. Whatever brand is your favourite, they’re right here for a bargain price.

Our selection of the best brand carpet cleaners include Vanish and Wizz, and stubborn stains and marks from carpets and upholstery fabrics so that they look as good as new again. Delve deeper into our line-up of carpet fresheners and carpet cleaners and get everything you need for making your carpets and rugs smell and look their very best.

For all your Floor cleaning, carpet cleaning and carpet freshening needs - think FabFinds.