Toilet Cleaners

Keeping your toilet clean and looking sparkling-new is probably one of the most important things to keep clean and maintain in your home. The pearly-white of a toilet’s bowl and cistern are prime for getting stained and grubby overtime, falling foul to limescale build-up. Read more.

So if you want to stock-up on the best toilet cleaning products for best prices, and at FabFinds you’ll find everything you need.

For more control and precision over your cleaning there’s brands such as Harpic toilet cleaners and Toilet Duck that can get up and into those awkward crevices in your toilet that see the most build-up of limescale and dirt.

Whitening products and limescale removers are ideal for getting rid of stains and whitening toilet bowls, keeping it fantastic, or returning it to its best.

Why not consider rim blocks that stick to the inside of the toilet bowl? They disinfect and freshen your loo after every flush – like Bloo and Domestos. Cageless tablets can be placed straight into your cistern for an even clean.

Fulfil all your toilet-cleaning needs by grabbing the great branded bargains here at FabFinds.