Fabulosa Spray and Disinfectants

Fabulosa is a vibrantly-colourful range of household disinfectants, available in a choice of uplifting fragrances, bottle types and sizes – so it’s easy to get something that’s tailor made for your needs. Read more.

The range includes 220ml and 500ml bottles of concentrated disinfectant in fragrances such as Fresh Linen, Pink Grapefruit, Midnight garden and Tranquil Haze to showcase just a few. These are perfect for washing floors and other germ-heavy areas in the home..

Fabulosa also do a range of disinfectant trigger sprays for specific areas of the home, such as bathroom, shower, kitchen, glass and a specific anti-bacterial type. Each of these have their own clean, refreshing fragrance.

Discover the colourful Fabulosa disinfectant range and make your home clean and fabulosa-fresh.