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How To Stay Safe In The Workplace If You Can't Work From Home

How To Stay Safe In The Workplace If You Can't Work From Home

If you’ve been tuning into the news recently, you’ll know that we are now going into ‘Plan B’ which means all facemasks must be worn in public places again, Vaccine passports must be shown at large venues, events and nightclubs and you must now work from home where possible.
But what if you can’t work from home? This could generate a range of anxieties and questions for you and you may wonder what to do if this is the case. For many of us working from home is not an option that’s why we have come up with several helpful tips and advice to help you physically and mentally through this on-going pandemic in the workplace.
Employers have a legal duty to ensure their employees are safe and protected. Many employers will have measures in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19, such as taking a lateral flow test daily, screens between desks or areas of confined space and ensuring there are hand sanitising stations readily available.

Hand Wash

When it comes to what you can do for yourself, you need to ensure you are regularly washing your hands and using hand sanitizer. Here at FabFinds we stock a whole variety of hand wash and sanitizers, perfect for keeping your hands clean and protected, from the minute you leave the house to all day long at work.
Plenty of our hand wash products come with anti-bacterial protection that will wash away all dirt and bacteria, protecting you for longer. From brands such as Medex, Easy, Senses, Nivea and more, our hand wash come with lots of different fragrance choices such as fruity, floral, cashmere and more, so you can enjoy beautifully smelling hands whilst keeping yourself safe and protected!

Hand Sanitizer

As well as washing your hands regularly, you will also need to be sanitizing hands frequently throughout the day. Investing in a good quality hand sanitizer to keep in your bag and on your person around the work place is essential, especially if you’re coming into contact with people and objects frequently. Here at FabFinds, you’ll find a large range of hand sanitizers from well-known brands you can trust. As well as hand sanitizer you will also find alcohol hand sanitizer wipes, great for using to wipe away any germs and dispose of in the bin.

Antibacterial Spray

It's important to keep surfaces clean especially where Covid particles are more likely to land. Here at FabFinds we have a vast range of antibacterial sprays, great for removing up to 99.9% off bacteria from all surfaces. If you are looking for a handy one to pop in your bag, then check out our Fabulosa range of Mini Disenfectant sprays. Carry around the power of Fabulosa with you on your travels with the Fabulosa Disinfectant Spray. With the same formula in the regular sized bottles, these Fabulosa Minis kill 99.9% of bacteria and germs to keep your space thoroughly sanitised.
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