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How To Use White Vinegar

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White vinegar is such a versatile household ingredient. It’s been used by generations of women for cooking, cleaning, gardening, hair care and more.

Affordable and easy on the environment, this natural product has so much going for it, it’s surprising it doesn’t have its own PR agent.

But, I digress…

Let’s have a look at all the ways you can use white vinegar in your household to save a few pennies, and get some DIY results:

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Cooking with white vinegar

As well as making a great salad combo, there are plenty of white vinegar cooking hacks out there.

Want a boiled egg, but the shell’s cracked? To stop the white from seeping out, just add a couple of tablespoons of white vinegar to the water and boil as normal. The acid in the vinegar forms a seal that keeps the white in place.

Want to clean your apples before tucking in for an afternoon snack? Dilute a 3:1 ratio of water to vinegar in a trigger spray bottle and use this great natural cleaning solution to rid your fruit and veg of any bacteria from in-shop handling.

Cleaning with white vinegar

The acidity of vinegar makes it perfect for breaking down various types of build-up around the home.

Orange peel in-copy imageIt cuts through grease and detergent residue as well as scale in kitchen appliances. It’s a fabulous product to have on hand for all your kitchen needs:

 Cleaning with white vinegar info table

White vinegar for stain removal

Vinegar & soda vectors

The acetic acid in white vinegar is mild enough to use on washable fabrics but strong enough to combat other acids and alkalis like red wine, grass stains, and deodorant marks:

Stain removal white vinegar info chart

White vinegar uses in the garden

A great non-toxic ingredient, white vinegar can be used outside as well as in. And it has just as many uses in your outdoor space:

Gardening with white vinegar info table

Where can I buy white vinegar cleaning products?

If making your own cleaners takes too much time, we stock cleaning sprays at FabFinds where vinegar is the active ingredient:

Elbow Grease Glass Cleaner is fortified with white vinegar to give a powerful clean to windows and mirrors, leaving them perfectly clean and shiny.

Stardrops White Vinegar Spray is made using the same acetic acid found in white vinegar, which makes it just as effective in dissolving grease and scale around the home as the high-powered original.

Mr. Muscle Advanced Power & Glass Cleaner is perfect for tiles, mirrors, and chrome, making it a great addition to your bathroom and kitchen cleaning toolkit.

Suitable for surfaces, fridges, glass and taps, Windolene 4-Action Glass and Shiny Surfaces Spray Window Cleaner is a multipurpose wizard. Formulated with white vinegar, it dissolves grease and dirt with ease.

Find your favourite white vinegar cleaner at FabFinds, as well as thousands of other products at great prices.

If you have any other white vinegar tips we haven’t mentioned, then get in touch and share your own with us. We’d love to hear from you.

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