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How to Use Zoflora

How To Use Zoflora Title Page 

What is Zoflora?

Zoflora is a powerful anti-bacterial disinfectant, which has a huge variety of uses around the home.

Available in bottles of 120ml, 250ml and 500ml, it’s a reliable cleaning product which kills 99.9% of bacteria and harmful viruses around the house. It comes in a wide selection of fragrances, with some Limited Editions for you to collect.

Zoflora is a dilute-to-use concentrated disinfectant. Even though the product has been effectively cleaning away in UK homes for years, it’s only recently become widely used thanks to Mrs. Hinch.

It’s great quality, with the 3 in 1 action formula proven to kill harmful viruses, including:

  • E coli
  • MRSA
  • Salmonella
  • Influenza (H1N1)

The Zoflora fragrances are some of the best on the market. They don’t have an unnatural, chemical scent like some products. There’s a wide selection of nice smells to eliminate odours and give all day freshness.

Zoflora Summer Berries

Ways to Use Zoflora

Mrs. Hinch has discovered and inspired a variety of ways to use Zoflora. As a result, its fabulous range of understated scents have freshened and cleaned a multitude of homes throughout the country.

Here’s some uses for this multipurpose disinfectant that you haven’t heard of and some that you have:

[Before we get into it, make sure you’re wearing your marigolds when handling disinfectants. And make sure you read the safety instructions before use].

Diluting Zoflora

1 capful of your favourite Zoflora will make 400ml of full strength disinfectant (working on the 1 to 40 ratio recommended).

120ml bottles will make 4.8 litres of full-strength disinfectant.

250ml bottles will make 10 litres of full-strength disinfectant.

500ml bottles will make 20 litres of full-strength disinfectant.

Zoflora Twilight Garden
Mop and bucket

While some use the recommended dose of Zoflora when diluting, others add a touch more or less depending on the task at hand.

If your floors are extra mucky, make your mix a bit stronger and go to work. Zoflora is great on tiled floors, lino and other hard flooring at home or in the workplace.

The disinfectant swiftly gets rid of the dirt, bacteria and germs that are brought in from outside on shoes and paws.

And, not that you’d eat off the floor or anything, but you know, you could.

Cloth and bucket

For clean and hygienic surfaces, Zoflora works hard to leave them sparkling and germ free. Do remember that it can’t clean grease, so before you begin, it’s a good idea to get rid of any heavy soiling first. Then:

Dilute 4 capfuls in 1.5 litres of water.

Use rubber gloves, and always wash hands after use.

To prevent bacteria growth, a useful tip is to soak your dishcloth in diluted Zoflora.

Trigger Spray

A spray bottle with diluted Zoflora has many great uses. The targeted action of a spray makes cleaning items like blinds, fridges and so on, much easier.

You can also use it as an air freshener or to give sofas and cushions a spritz of fragrance. This is ideal for Zoflora’s pet range, giving you the option to spray bedding and eating areas. Just make sure they’re dry before little paws come back.

Dilute 1.5 capfuls in a standard trigger spray bottle.

Undiluted (Neat)

When you need to unleash the full disinfecting-power of Zoflora, then going undiluted and using it straight from the bottle is the best option.

Vanquish odour-causing bacteria from your drains and plugholes, or use on your toilet bowl and in the toilet brush holder for heaven-sent cleanliness and freshness.           


Zoflora have a range of aromatic scents available. And their Limited Editions mean that there’s always something new to try.

We love a capful of Linen Fresh in the washing machine with bedding and towels. The fragrance is so comforting, and the linen cupboard always smells amazing.

 Why not explore our Zoflora range and great value bundles online? We update our product range all the time, so there’s always something at FabFinds.

Zoflora Cleaning Tips & Tricks

It’s such a versatile product, and leaves the house smelling so fresh and clean. We’re always sharing our best cleaning tips at FabFinds, and we’ve decided to scribble down a few here for you:

  1. Spritz a paper towel in your favourite Zoflora scent. Either tuck it behind radiators, into scatter cushions or drawers for a lovely fresh scent throughout your home.
  1. Spray stinky trainers with the diluted disinfectant and leave to dry to eliminate foot odours in your hallway.
  1. Disinfect your sink and cleaning cloths and sponges overnight with a capful diluted in a sink of hot water. Load everything in and walk into the gorgeous aroma of clean in the morning.
  1. Add some dilute to your steam mop for a lovely scented floor. For those mops with a carpet steaming attachment, the antibacterial action will get right into the fibres without causing any damage.
  1. Pour some diluted mix into your steam iron for extra freshness in your laundry.
  1. Keep your dishwasher sparkling with a capful of neat Zoflora on a hot wash every couple of months. Make sure the dishwashers empty though.

If you’ve got any Zoflora tips and tricks you’d like to share with us, why not get in touch. We’re always on the lookout for new ideas and we’ll add the best ones to our blog.

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