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Must-have essentials for every pet owner

Pets are our faithful companions and rightfully considered part of the family, so it follows that we want the very best for them. With that in mind, we at FabFinds have put together brilliant essentials for your cats and dogs.

So if you’re a pet owner, read on …

Whether it’s pet treats, cosy bedding, or perhaps something more fun - this list shows you what you need to keep your pet happy, all for fantastic prices.

Puppy training pads

Because even the biggest, well-trained dog has to start somewhere, training pads are an important and easy way to get a puppy, or indeed a new dog, house trained. FabFinds has a comprehensive range of training pads across different pack sizes, brands and price – you’ll find our best deals on puppy training pads here.

Cat and dog treats

Your faithful hound loves treats, and let’s face it, they’re a great way to entice them upstairs and into the bathroom for the dreaded wash, and to generally blackmail them or reward them during trick and obedience training. There's cheap dog treats from brands like Petface, Wiggles and Purina, there’s knotted bones, dumbells, chewy treats, biscuits and more. FabFinds will make sure you’re never in the dog house with your pooch with these dog treats.

For your favourite kitty, FabFinds has the purr-fect choice with a number of great deals on cat treats that are irresistible to our feline friends. Check out cheap cat treats here.

Dental care

We know dogs like to chew things, it’s how nature keeps the jaw strong and teeth clean. But you can give this natural process a huge helping hand by introducing specific dog dental options. Brands such as Pedigree’s Dentastix chews reduce tartar build-up for healthier teeth and gums and at FabFinds, you’ll find some really great deals.

Pet beds

Pets, whether it’s cats or dogs, come in all shapes and sizes, but all of them need and deserve somewhere cosy where they can curl up after an exhausting day of being a devoted pet. FabFinds has a great line-up of pet beds suitable for cats and dogs – a variety of styles, sizes and prices for every wallet. Discover our pet bed range here

Put FabFinds on your 'favourites list' ...

So don’t forget, you can stock-up on the creature comforts for your loveable, home-dwelling creatures at FabFinds, we take your pet care product needs seriously.



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