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Post-lockdown Beauty Hacks

Finally, life seems like it’s beginning to go back to normal. However, for some of us coming out into the social realm again seems slightly daunting after over a year of being stuck indoors. Mascara? What do I do with that again? Foundation… do I really need to wear that again!? It may well be that a full re-stock of your beauty products is whats needed in order for you to get your mojo back and ready to face the world again.

As the economy is set to make a swift recovery thanks to the billions of pounds we’ve saved whilst not being able to go out, we are getting ready to go on a spending splurge. With beauty not being a main priority over the past year, it may well be that people want to make a comeback after being in hibernation bare faced for so long! Beauty products will be something that will be flying off the shelves , and here at FabFinds, we have put together some helpful beauty hacks to help the transition from bare face to bombshell, much easier!

Take it slow

So we have learnt to get used to the make-up free face over the past year, more so than the full face look. Going back to our makeup bags doesn’t have to mean a full out look day in day out, especially if going au naturelle has done wonders for your skin and overall confidence!

Take it easy and learn to find a middle ground with your post lockdown makeup look, even if you just start by applying a base to even out the complexion. If you want to build it up, then go ahead, but if not that’s fine too!

Get your foundation colour matched again

Since we’ve spent a lot of time indoors over the past year and the opportunity for a summer holiday was a no go, its likely that your foundation shade may have changed. With the changing seasons, you skin tone tends to change colour, so it’s a good idea to double check your foundation shade is matching up- let’s face it those makeup lines around the chin are definitely not a look!

Finding the right Lipstick

Even though we can now go out a lot more now and do the things we love, we still won’t be able to leave without a facemask! If you’re thinking of going for a bright lip especially, you’ll want to ensure that your lipstick, gloss or stain doesn’t smudge. A little helpful tip we have discovered is exfoliating the lips with a sugar scrub beforehand and sprinkling on a little loose powder after application, to ensure your lips stay poppin’ for longer!

All over Foundation a thing of the past?

With facemasks having more agency in our everyday beauty choices, foundation all over the face may be so 2019? Instead of going for an all over look, adding concealer to your chin, under eyes and forehead can still work wonders and give you’re the longevity you need these days!

Give your brushes a clean!

It’s time to give some TLC to your makeup brushes. Chances are you haven’t really been keeping them in tip top shape recently. Make sure your full brush set gets a deep professional style clean before they go anywhere near your face- your skin will appreciate it!

Keep your cleansing regime in check

When it's been some time since you last wore eye make-up, it's easy to forget how much cleansing goes into getting it off at night.

Make sure you're using an effective eye-makeup remover that doesn't require a lot of rubbing and scrubbing at the sensitive skin beneath the eyes! Here at FabFinds we stock a wide range of makeup removers and eye makeup removers, great for sensitive skin.

Don't forget the SPF!

As the weathers hotting up it's more important than ever to remember to apply your SPF. Foundations that contain SPF should be top on your purchase list, especially after spending so much time indoors and not being able to go abroad! 



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