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Simple Garden Additions that make a Difference

You don’t have to spend big on items, unique features and costly landscapers to make your garden a tranquil place that you actually want to spend time in. 

We can show you that there’s small ways to add charm and personality to your garden here and there, that’s inexpensive - yet when combined - creates a wonderful garden environment. And what’s more, you’ll be able to get them all at FabFinds at really competitive prices.

Planters and plant pots

You can’t overestimate how much of an impact adding planters to your garden for instant personality will make. You can decide on traditional terracotta-style planters for that familiar, earthy approach, or go for something more curious.

For instance, if you’re a fan of pastel colours and old school, shabby chic, then something like a vintage tin garden planter with its bucket-shape and striking, rope side handles will look great. The pastel colours will form a bold contrast against dense greenery and will complement the addition of vibrant flowers or located in or around an area of well populated flower beds.

Other styles of planters worth looking at include glazed planters that add a certain homespun dynamism to your garden, that hark back to indigenous craftsmen of the past. FabFinds has a great range of glazed planter types and styles and you can discover them and more here.

Artificial Trees

The beauty of artificial trees is that they’re brilliant recreations of real plants, from the graceful Wysteria to the Pyramid Bay tree. The other beauty of them is that these faux trees don’t require the maintenance of looking after like real trees and plants do. So you’re getting natural-like aesthetics, without all the hassle. We think that's a definite win-win.

Artificial trees can add points of interest to areas where space is at a premium, or serve as a way to create a border around natural plants when used in bigger numbers. They also work really well in outhouses or conservatories, and as additional decoration for family parties and even weddings.

Garden ornaments and décor

In addition to stylish and funky planters and artificial trees, another way to personalise your garden is with ornament features and wall art. You can add immediate style and extra colour beyond the floral excellence of your garden, with wall art like our Metalwork Butterfly with its beautiful metal design and choice of various colours. You could even collect the set for the ultimate garden wall arrangement. With these glistening in the sun on a hot summer’s day, it will certainly create long conversions for those who see them for the first time.

Bird feeders, bird baths and nest boxes

When it comes to this category it is a real opportunity to add colour and your style preference into your garden space. Bird feeders, bird baths and nest boxes are essentially another way to add character to your garden as well as offering practical ways to help the local bird life.

At FabFinds, we have loads of Petface hanging, and pole mounted feeders for seed, peanut and mealworms, as well as bird tables and dish feeders – weather its ceramic or plastic. There’s some beautiful, painted designs so you can really make a statement with your choice.

We offer plenty of bird bath and nest box options as well, from ceramic, painted baths, to traditional, wooden bird boxes, you’ll find something that falls in line with your specific tastes.

Give your garden a massive boost without breaking the bank and take advantage of the prices and range of garden-perfect products available at FabFinds.




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