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How To Get A Summer Glow Up

With summer finally here, it’s time to get our skin ready for a serious summer glow up. Aside from trying to drink lots of water, working out regularly, going to bed early and trying not to stress so much (easier said than done!), there are also plenty of skincare and makeup options that can give us the longed after natural glow. During the summer months, a less-is-more approach is always welcome, think of a sun-kissed radiant look, highlighted with a fresh blush tint.

Start by creating a smooth and soft surface for your skin to give you a good foundation for your summer glow. Exfoliating is essential for smooth, soft and bright skin. Exfoliating once or twice a week, to get rid of dead skin cells and leave skin, glowing and fresh.


To ensure your skin is smooth and ready for a summer glow up, you’ll need to invest in a good exfoliator to get your skin looking its best.Give your skin a whole new lease of life and get rid of those unwanted dead skin cells! Having fresh and clear skin will ensure you’re feeling your best and will be essential if you’re thinking of applying fake tan! Here at FabFinds we have a wide range of skincare and exfoliating products.


Moisturising is key in keeping your skin looking glowing and fresh! Investing in a decent moisturiser, will ensure your skin is protected, revived and feeling smooth. Whether you have oily skin or suffer from dryness on the face, we have a wide range of face moisturisers for all skin types! When picking a moisturiser, try to always go for on that includes SPF – keep that skin protected and looking younger for longer!

Self Tan

With the sun making more of an appearance, you may want to slip on some comfy shorts or pop on a dress for an evening out. But wait… those legs are a bit on the pasty side from months of rain and staying indoors. Summer calls for some trusty self tan to give your skin the glow it needs to face the world again! Whether you’re after a just a subtle glow, or you’re wanting to go all out with a full bronzed look, here at FabFinds we have your fake tan needs covered! From airbrush self-tan for your legs through to a gradual build-up of moisturiser, you can enjoy giving you’re skin a healthy looking glow, without the sun damage!


A summer glow up would be nothing without some essential highlighter to get those cheek bones poppin’! With a range of highlighters available from liquids, to powders, sticks and more, you can find the right one to suit you! Here at FabFinds we’re loving the L’Oreal True Match Liquid Highlighter offering a lovely, glossy shine for when the light hits your cheek!


There’s nothing like a bit of bronzer to finish off your summer glow look! Adding a bronzed glow to your face and body can take your summer glow from 0-100! Here at FabFinds we have a fabulous range of bronzers from the top beauty brands you know and love. Get ready for your hot girl summer and discover your summer glow looks here!



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