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How To Add Christmas Gonks To Your Festive Decorations

How To Add Christmas Gonks To Your Festive Decorations

There’s a holly jolly new Christmas décor trend that is taking the festive season by snow storm. Adored by the likes of Molly Mae, these charming festive delights are not a decoration you want to miss. So get your festivities in order and prepare your home for the infamous Christmas Gonks! With long white beards and tall, knitted hats; these adorable little creatures bring a stylish Scandinavian vibe that is sure to enhance your seasonal décor.

What exactly is a Christmas Gonk?

We’re so glad you asked. Is it a quirky little gnome? Or is it a charming small Santa? The humble Gonk is a Scandinavian and Nordic mythological creature that originated from gnomes and hobgoblins. As the old lore goes, these little bearded people find their way to live in the farmhouses and barns of humans. If they liked the family they lived with, they would use their mystical magical powers to protect the family, land and bring good fortune. However, if the family disrupted the land and disrespected the gonk’s home; the gonk would become irritated and then begin playing tricks which would cause annoyance for their family.

One wintery Nordic tradition entails leaving a bowl of porridge out during the seasonal winter solstice so that the gonk can eat and enjoy the festivities. When Christmas became more celebrated throughout Scandinavia, the gonk traditions grew with the people, and so these tiny bearded characters gradually became associated with the Christmas season.

What Christmas Gonk Decorations Can You Find?

These adorable festive creatures come in all shapes, sizes and designs. On FabFinds, you can buy small sitting Christmas gonks as well as long-legged Christmas gonks who are perfect for placing on shelves and letting their long stripy legs dangle down. You can also find life-sized Christmas gonks at FabFinds; as the old folklore goes, these creatures typically do not grow taller than 3ft. So you can still easily decorate any corner of your home with these little bearded fellows.

For when the hour hits wine o’clock, then why not pull out your Christmas gonk bottle topper? With a white fluffy beard, white and red stripy legs and arms, and a tall grey hat; this charming character adds a wonderfully festive touch to your seasonal parties and Christmas tableware.

How else can you add charming Christmas Gonks to your home?

Christmas gonks can also be hung up as Christmas tree decorations to look over your gifts for friends and family. Ideal if you wish to make your Christmas tree look unique this festive season! Discover our adorable Christmas Gonk Tinsel which is ideal for adorning you Christmas tree, hallways or doorways.
You can also find Christmas gonk themed home accessories at FabFinds. If you’re feeling chilly on a frosty winter evening, then a Christmas Gonk Hot Water Bottle is exactly what you need! Featuring a fluffy, plush and festive design; these hot water bottles are ideal for taking the stylish gonk trend to the next level this December.
From the comfort of your own home, you can experience the Christmas gonk magic with our large jar candle. This seasonal scent is wonderful for lighting up on a December evening when you want to spread the sweet smell of gonk magic throughout your home.
You can even enjoy Christmas gonks with your traditional cup of hot cocoa with our trendy range of Christmas Gonks mugs. These stylish mugs are perfect for hugging close for comfort during a cosy evening inside your home.
So now that you're all up to date on the latest seasonal Christmas Gonk trend; it's time to get collecting your gonks! Whether it's a standing decoration you're looking for, a cosy hot water bottle or festive mug - there is a Christmas gonk for you at FabFinds!



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