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Your Essential Christmas Gifting Guide

Your Essential Christmas Gifting Guide

With Christmas on the horizon, the task of gift wrapping can often strike fear or dread into those who don't know their ribbons from their bows. Don't worry if you can't find one of Santa's little helpers to do the wrapping for you, FabFinds are here to take the mystery and dread out of Christmas present wrapping! So you can breeze through the wrapping routine well before Christmas Eve. Our essential Christmas Gifting Guide will inform you of the bare necessities you will need before you begin wrapping, and advise you on how to make your presents look professionally wrapped with minimal stress or effort!

The Essentials for your Santa Workshop:

Wrapping can be difficult without a little prep beforehand, and we recommend getting all your presents done in one sitting so you don't have to get all your supplies out again and again. To make the job that much easier, ensure that you clear a space in your room, and divide your presents into small piles for each of your loved ones. We also recommend clearing a flat surface such as your desk or dining room table so you can whizz through the wrapping! The Santa workshop necessities are of course:

  • A sharp pair of scissors - a blunt pair may rip the wrapping paper.
  • Lots of sellotape! Double sided tape is the best to make your edges look as clean as possible, but it's not mandatory. You can easily make double-sided tape out of normal sellotape by looping a piece of tape back on itself and sticking the ends together!
  • Patience and privacy! Ensure you have sufficient time as rushing the process will make your gifts look untidy. Lock yourself and your presents away for the duration of the wrapping - we don't want your loved ones accidentally seeing their unwrapped gift!

How to tackle the wrapping:

Wrapping doesn't have to be tedious - whack on your favourite festive tunes and your gifts will soon be rocking around the Christmas tree! First of all, you need to browse our stunning range of Christmas Wrapping Paper. We have a style for everyone - regardless of whether you want your presents to look stylish and chic for colleagues, or you're wrapping for the kids who love Disney princesses and Super Heroes!

PRO tip: less is more! Trying to tape up your gift with too much wrapping paper makes things look bulky and messy. Before cutting your paper, try to measure up how much you will need with that specific gift. Remember, if you have too much paper, its best to trim it to the right size before you begin sellotaping it into place!

All Tied Up With a Bow! 

Extra decorations are a great way to show your loved ones that you really put effort into their beautiful gift - so it's essential to pick up some Christmas Tags and Bows. At FabFinds, we have a beautiful range of Christmas tags that not only look fabulous attached to your gifts, but they will also help you organise your presents on Christmas day when it comes to deciding what belongs to who! Tags are a great way to personalise your wrapping, so make sure to write a heartfelt message!

If you're ready to try something slightly more challenging, then tying a festive bow around your present with our stunning range of ribbon will instantly make your gift look the best under the Christmas tree! This will definitely make your wrapping certified Christmas elf standard. However, if you find ribbon too fiddly, then it looks just as good to attach one of our adhesive gift bows. These colourful bows are so simple to pop onto your wrapping, and will instantly take your gift to the next level.

That's a Wrap on the Wrapping 

We've all had that oddly shaped present which refuses to be wrapped easily, and the effortless way to deal with these awkward shapes is to scrap the wrapping paper all together! Simply grab one of our festive gift bags, and save yourself the hassle! Gift bags can still look as gorgeous as wrapped presents, especially if you glamorously top the bag with fluffy layers of tissue paper! We have a festive range of tissue paper printed with jolly designs of snowflakes and reindeers. Browse them here!

If you have lots of small gifts for the kids, and you don't fancy any fiddly wrapping, then our Christmas stockings and

Santa Sacks
are a great alternative. In an abundance of festive designs featuring Santa, Rudolph, Snowmen and other North Pole friends, these stockings and sacks will look amazing hung up around the home or under the tree as an extra Christmas decoration! They are also a fabulous investment as you can reuse them year after year - so there is less waste and less wrapping for the future Christmas seasons to come!

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