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Top Tips For The Big Christmas Clean

Top Tips For The Big Christmas Clean

Getting your home ready for Christmas takes a lot of preparation. With so much on your to-do list around this time of year, we want to help you get organised when it comes to the big Christmas clean. Whether you’re cleaning the oven or topping up cleaning products, we’re here to get you ready to host the best Christmas yet with a sparkling clean home!

Start with a de-clutter

Clear the space

Once Christmas day arrives your living room will quickly become covered in toys, gifts and wrapping paper. To make life easier, have a de-clutter and put things away that you won’t need over the festive period. With family and friends visiting around Christmas and new year, it’s a good idea to clear some space for this extra sociable time of the year! Discover our top tips for clearing the clutter below:


A good place to start is sorting through any toys that aren’t being used anymore. Make two piles and sort with the kids, which ones they still want and which ones that they don’t. The unwanted ones could be sold or taken to the charity shop.


Effective storage goes a long way, especially around the festive time of year. Opting for storage solutions such as an ottoman to hide away bits and bobs as well as provide extra seating.

Make Space:

Make sure you maximise the space you have. Thinking through where you’ll put your Christmas tree or where you’ll need extra places for people to sit are all important things to be considered around Christmas time. If you can, store away any large items such as floor lamps or side tables. This will allow extra room for you tree or Christmas décor.

Ornaments and decor:

Ensure your tidy away any obstructive ornaments and décor from your mantelpiece, window sills and side tables. This will help your  home feel less busy and cluttered whilst making space for your festive Christmas décor!

Cleaning products:

In the mayhem of Christmas, it’s easy to forget your trusty cleaning items to prepare you for the run up and post clean up of Christmas.We’ve put together a list of all the cleaning supplies that will help you with the big Christmas clean:


Around Christmas, the kitchen is undoubtedly the hub of the home. From people coming round for drinks and snacks, through to those pre-Christmas dinner parties and of course  Christmas day, the Kitchen will definitely need some cleaning attention.

Here are a few places to start with:

Fridge and cupboards

The best place to start is your kitchen cupboards and fridge. Getting them organised will help when your looking for those all-important pans and dishes for the Christmas dinner. Give your cupboards a quick clean down with some anti-bac cleaner whilst you’re there, making sure you have a clean base to pop back in all your pots and pans! Clear out the fridge for any out of date food and give this a good clean ready for filling with Christmas goodies!


Hygiene should be top of your list when it comes to cleaning up for Christmas. Be sure to thoroughly clean down all surfaces with anti-bacterial spray or using wipes, especially before prepping any food. Leaving hand gel out for your guests is also a good idea to make sure people are staying safe when socialising.

The big oven clean…

Last but not least, make sure that your oven is catered for pre-festive cooking. Luckily, we have a wide range of oven cleaners available so you can tackle those tough oven stains and stuck on food easily.

Other kitchen tips

  • Polish cutlery and glasses ahead of Christmas
  • Put away items you wont need
  • Set the dining table on Christmas eve to save time on the big day



Next on the list to clean in the bathroom! Making sure the bathroom is clean is especially important in the winter as coughs and colds are more common.

De-clutter all the items you won’t need such as toiletries and bath products in a storage basket or drawer and make room for guests to place their toiletries out. Focus on the parts of the bathroom that need a really good clean such as the toilet, bath, shower and sink. Then move on to other areas such as the window and mirrors and finish them off with a good shine.

More bathroom tips

  • Add a diffuser or air freshener to the bathroom to keep a constant fresh scent
  • Lay out freshly washed towels for your guests

Living room spruce up

One of the most important rooms around Christmas time is the living room. Whether you’re having a well deserved nap after a big Christmas dinner or you’re snuggling up with the kids watching a Christmas film, the living room will see a lot of activity over Christmas so it’s important to give it a good clean.

First of all you’ll want to give your living room a good de-clutter. Put away anything that isn’t going to be used for the next week so you can clear the space for entertaining and Christmas fun! Make sure you thoroughly vacuum your carpet or mop your hard floor. Next, you can start vacuuming any upholstered furniture and cushions using the nozzle to get to all the in-between areas. Finish off by giving your windows a good clean and polish any surfaces.

Other living room tips:

  • Spray your carpets with some carpet foam
  • Use a room spray
  • Light a scented candle or use a diffuser

Discover our full range of cleaning products here.

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