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10 Items To Buy Now To Make Winter More Bearable


Winter is here, which means freezing temperatures and shorter days. Less sunlight and bad weather can really damper our mood, which is why it's important to find the small things that bring us comfort, whether it be cosy blankets or festive scented candles there's definitely something you'll want to add to your winter arsenal. Here are 10 essentials items that really put the 'win' in winter. 


 1. Snuggle Socks

Keep your feet warm and toasty right up to your ankles with a pair of fluffy socks. Always a favourite accessory for winter, keeping you warm and cosy on cold nights. Snuggle socks are designed for lounging around and make a great alternative to slippers. 

Treat your hard-working and tired feet to a pair of our Christmas snuggle socks, enjoy luxurious comfort that you can wear around the house all day. Perfect for putting you in the festive mood and will make a great small gift for a friend or loved one.



 2. Fluffy Blankets

Keep yourself warm & cosy throughout the frosty winter nights wrapped up in a fluffy blanket. Doubles up as a nice accessory in your home, place at the foot of your bed as a accent piece.

Check out our luxury silver throw blanket, perfect for a neutral addition to your bedding or a quick throw to snuggle up in with a hot drink. This blanket is certain to become an irreplaceable part of your winter bedding. 



3. Candles

Candles are a traditional part of Christmas that have been enjoyed for centuries, perfect for creating a lovely and welcoming atmosphere around your home. The simple act of lighting a candle with the soft flicker and glow is enough to ease and soothe your mind. From tealights to vivid scented candles, there's festive candles to suit everybody. 

If you’re looking for a Christmassy scented candle to enjoy over the holidays, then our Nordic crisp pine candle is perfect. It offers a unique fragrance of a combination of rich berries and spiced pine.



4. Hot Chocolate

The hottest drink of the season! Hot chocolate is great for warming yourself up and relaxing after a long day. Add a little whipped cream and marshmallows and you've got the perfect winter treat.

The ever popular Cadbury hot chocolate is smooth and delicious, perfect for adding to hot milk.



5. Chocolate Box

Chocolate is always a popular treat to enjoy during the dark winter months and can really help boost your mood. Chocolate boxes are perfect for curling up on the sofa with and watching some Christmas TV. 

The Cadbury Milk Tray has wide selection chocolates perfect for sharing or keeping as a personal treat.


 6. Bath Bombs

There’s nothing better than sinking into a warm & bubbly bath after a long day out. The scents from the essential oils are a positive relaxation on the mind and help to relieve stress.

Check out our sweet sherbert fizz bath bombs, perfect gift for friends and will leave you smelling incredible.



 7. Thermal Tights

Don’t let the cold weather stop you from wearing a skirt or dress, thermal tights are the perfect solution for keeping you warm. Designed to create a thermal barrier, that keeps out the cold and maintain body temperature. 

Our thermal tights have a heat trapping design, perfect for keeping you warm out and about. Made from high-density yarn, which keeps warm air close to the skin.


 8. Lip Balm

The cold weather can really dry out your lips making them cracked and sore. Lip balms are a quick relief remedy that can be carried around anywhere with you and applied throughout the day. 

We have a wide range of lip balms to provide protection against the cold wind and dry air, including the classic Blistex lip balm stick.


9. Festive Scented Diffuser

Create a warm and soothing feel in your home over the winter months with a festive scented diffuser. Enjoy sweet scents like apple & cinnamon and festive pine. Not just for at home, diffusers are a great way to boost your mood in the office and provide some stress relief.

Our Starlytes diffusers have a long lasting fragrance that will leave your home smelling amazing for up to 10 weeks.



 10. Room heater

Portable heaters are always an essential item for winter, a great way to save money by heating the room you are in rather than the whole house. Easily move around from room to room and warm yourself up in just a matter of minutes.

Check out our Glen Dimplex G2TN 2KW Convector Heater, featuring thermostat control and a safety cut-out. This heater is a flexible solution for both portable and stationary heating.



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