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Now, if you’re lady reading this then you probably already know your stuff, so simply head straight for the links and treat yourself or a relative to some amazing affordable makeup deals at FabFinds.

But, as a guy, you might be feeling rather daunted about the prospect of buying make-up essentials for that special girl in your life for birthday or Christmas – after all, it’s a seemingly alien world of blusher and mascara.

So, FabFinds has put together a quick guide to enable you to help your girl or female relation to always look her best with branded discount makeup. Stick to this rudimentary outline and you’ll be fine.

Lucious lips

There’s a number of ways a girl can make her lips look great, from more traditional lipsticks, to laque lipstcks – check out the FabFinds selection here. To keep the lips in top-top condition throughout the day then there’s also lipbalm to consider. Discover various options here.

Nailed it

Keeping nails in primary condition and looking their best is a must for the ladies, too. Think traditional nail polish and nail vanish, gel nail polish, glitter nail vanish and base coats. Discover a great choice of discount beauty products and nail polish at FabFinds.

Eye of the beholder

Eye makeup is a big one as well. You can get a good range of cheap eye shadow at FabFinds for a variety of tastes, whether its singles or a multi-shade palette set options. Subtle, mild colours like greys and light auburns work best for this kind of year but it depends on personal preference. If you go down the eye shadow route, she will know you’ve really put some thought and effort in.

Laying the foundation

And last but not least, foundation makeup – because all things of beauty have to start with a firm base. At FabFinds you’ll find this type of makeup and other essentials, as well as cheap blusher, cheap concealer and cheap makeup highlighter.

Whatever your situation, head over to FabFinds for a super selection of makeup.



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