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Discover the Buzz of Fabulosa Disinfectants & the Latest Fabulosa Scents

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We love Fabulosa, it’s one of our favourite cleaning products. The fabulous cleaning power is one reason, as it cuts through dirt and grime like it’s skiing down the Alps on a winter holiday.

But it’s the scents that really do it for us. Long-lasting and utterly lush, they leave your home smelling gorgeous. And with something to suit every taste and trend, what’s not to love about Fabulosa?

Why is Fabulosa so popular? 

Fabulosa hit the marketplace last year with its disinfectant range. They rapidly made a name for themselves with the huge variety of fragrances released in quick succession. A top competitor to Zoflora, Fabulosa is excellent value for money.

They frequently release new scents to suit the season and the latest style, so there’s always plenty of choice for you.

Fabulosa is an extremely versatile product. It can be used neat or diluted for surface cleaning. But it’s also great for freshening up items that suffer from daily use, such as:

  • Shoes – the no. 1 culprit for hallway hongs.
  • Carpets & Rugs – One word: Pets. You know what we’re talking about.
  • Curtains – Absorbing food & smoke smells, they need some love too.

Simply dilute your chosen Fabulosa in a spray bottle, (try a used Fabulosa spray bottle) and spritz away to clear all those everyday odours.

Fabulosa disinfectants are a great product to add to your laundry cycle too. Just add a capful in the liquid dispenser alongside your normal powder. Or use on its own instead of your usual laundry cleansers. It acts on your laundry as:

  • A laundry cleanser
  • Freshener
  • Fabric softener
  • Disinfectant

Some even use it as a washing machine cleaner, adding their favourite Fabulosa to the dispenser on an empty wash.

Another plus is the cruelty-free logo. Displayed with pride on the Fabulosa packaging, no animals are harmed or any animal by-products used in the production of Fabulosa. Thus these cleaners are Vegan-friendly too.  

What are Fabulosa cleaning sprays?

The range of Fabulosa trigger sprays is larger than the bottled disinfectant (220ml). Available in 500ml spray bottles, they are broken down into five targeted areas of household cleaning:

  • Bathroom Cleaning
  • Kitchen Cleaning
  • Shower Cleaning
  • Glass Cleaning
  • General Antibacterial Cleaning

Available in a range of fragrances, from Teakwood to customer favourite, Wild Rhubarb, there’s plenty of stunning scents to add variety to your cleaning routine. And at a great price too.

Fabulosa Cleaning Bottles

How do the Fabulosa cleaning sprays work?

The convenience of a spray bottle means no diluting for this Fabulosa product. Just twist the lock to open, shake well, and spray on your surface.

You can leave the product for a few minutes for tough stains, but otherwise just wipe away for an excellent clean and a gorgeous, fresh scent.

They contain less than 5% of Non-ionic Surfactants. This means that they don’t foam and so don’t leave behind chemical residues.

These Fabulosa trigger sprays are proven to kill plenty of nasties that can make our families very ill, including:

  • E coli
  • Listeria
  • Salmonella
  • Influenza Type A H1N1

They’re an ideal cleaning product to have around the home, keeping hygiene to the maximum and illness to a minimum.

Which Fabulosa scents are available?

There’s so many to choose from. But we at FabFinds have put together a comprehensive list just for you.

Every day Disinfectants will give your home an amazing fragrance, and powerful disinfectant cleaning. There’s a huge range of scents to choose from, you’re certain to find your favourite.

Fruity scents pack a real punch and really liven up your cleaning routine.

The floral scents bring the perfumed aroma of the outside into your home.

Earthy scents include herbal combinations for a relaxing and mellow scent.

The classics bring a hint of sophistication to your home, providing the scented lift you never knew you needed.

To find out which scent will suit you, why not nip over to our blog ‘What does your favourite Fabulosa scent say about you’ to nail it down to your ideal fragrance.

The Christmas Disinfectant range will really bring some festive fun to your household.

Formulated to evoke the senses, these lovely scents really hit the seasonal note. Our favourites are Spiced Apple and Winter Fig for the fruity sweet and warming scents we’ve always associated with Christmas time.

Girl Power Disinfectants

Fabulosa's Foam Fresheners are a fragrance masterpiece. Spray onto carpets, rugs and upholstery and watch while the quick-drying foam soaks into the fibres, replacing nasty smells with long-lasting freshness.

Fabulosa Foam Fresheners

The Fabulosa Trigger Sprays (500ml) sprays came out just this year and already have built a line of favourite fragrances.

They make the ideal antibacterial bundle for your household, with one created with every cleaning need in mind.

The Large Fabulosa Disinfectants (500ml) are ideal for big jobs. Each bottle makes up to 20 litres of disinfectant solution, and are ideal for office and workplace cleaning.

Fabulosa Disinfectant Images

So there you have it. Fabulosa is an excellent cleaning product as well as a FabFinds customer favourite.

We have a huge range of the Fabulosa scents to offer on our online shop. And you can even build your own bundle online. So head on over and check us out.

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    Posted by Sharman franklin | October 07, 2020
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