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What Does Your Favourite Fabulosa Scent Say About You?

What Does Your Favourite Fabulosa Say About You? Title Strip

With such delicious and long-lasting Fabulosa fragrances to choose from, you’d be forgiven for wanting to sample them all. We all have our favourite scent:

Whether it’s the mild and herbal perfume of Lavender, or the rich aroma of Passionfruit, every fragrance has its own personal appeal.

Smell is the most powerful of the senses, impacting 75% of our daily emotions. With this in mind, what does your favourite Fabulosa scent say about you?


Is Coconut your thing? What about Tropical Fruits? Either way the fruity fragrances of Fabulosa are zesty, mood-boosting fun. If you’re in love with Wild Rhubarb and the citrus sensation of Orange and Apricot, then you’re a spirited, fun-loving kind of character. Always at home on the dance floor, you’re confident, good-natured, with a penchant for a tasty, scented abode.


Polished (like a table), sophisticated and refined, you love those classic scents wafting down your hall and up your dressing table! The classic clean of Fresh Linen and the woody tones of Teakwood leave you ready for a glass of Merlot on your silky chaise longue.


Mint Leaf is the tea to your bag, while Tranquil Haze adds lustre to your greenhouse. You like nothing more than a wander down a country lane, the scent of freshly mowed grass and the sound of bird song on a spring day. You’ve got those mellow, laid back vibes, just like your favourite Fabulosa.


In your perfect world, flower power is a lifestyle. The sweet and uplifting scents of Honeysuckle and delicate grace of Floral Bouquet summon idyllic, childhood memories: Running from bees in your grandma’s garden. Talking to the nodding sunflowers, and bathing in sunlight on a bright July day. There’s nothing better than closing your eyes and breathing in that soft lull of floral memories.

So which one are you? Did we nail it? If so, give us a like, share and leave us a comment, we’d love to hear from you. And don’t forget, you can get all the Fabulosa fragrances online at FabFinds so why not head on over and try something new?



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