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EXCLUSIVE FabChat with 1001 Carpet Care

SSsshhhh! FabChat are bringing you all the insider details of our bestselling Carpet Cleaner brand 1001 Carpet Care. 1001 have been the expert leaders of the carpet and upholstery care industry for over 70 years - so at FabFinds, we take pride in stocking their quality, reliable, and fabulous products! Regardless of whether your carpet just needs to be refreshed and deodorized, or if you need to remove more stubborn stains like red wine, food, and mud - 1001 have got you covered! Read on so you can be in the know about 1001's own favourite products, their creative process, and the exciting things they have planned for the future!

1. Why 1001 as a brand name?

1001 was the brand name we adopted when WD-40 acquired the brand in 2004. We then went on to extending the brand with the ‘1001 Carpet Fresh’ products, this name was selected so shoppers can easily understand the purpose of the product – a product that freshens your carpets!

 2. Which 1001 product best describes you and why?

Hmm.. good question - I’d say the 1001 Carpet Fresh Exotic Flowers & Pink Grapefruit. For me, a fragrance scent isn’t just singular, it’s made up of a combination of scents, like music there are various tones and ‘bass’. It takes time, effort, and a significant amount of testing and scent layers to come to an end product. I also like the floral and citrus scent combo because it’s re-freshening and uplifting. For me, a scent is so important because it can change your whole mood!


3. What's your favourite 1001 product and why?

I love them all! In order it would have to be the 1001 Carpet Machine Solution and then the Carpet and Upholstery Shampoo Cleaner. Cleaning your carpets can be so expensive so I like knowing I can use the 1001 Carpet Machine Solution in any known carpet machine. I’ve got light carpets at home so I’ve always got a bottle of the Shampoo and the Carpet Stain Remover under my cupboard for emergencies! Then it’d be the Mousse and the CF products!


 4. What does the future hold for 1001 Carpet Care?

 Now that would be telling, but there are lots of exciting projects on the horizon, so watch this space!

5. What's the process behind developing a product?

We have a careful procedure in place so that we can ensure the product is safe to use around children and pets and also meets the shoppers needs. For the Carpet Fresh for instance, the fun part is selecting the fragrance, you can read more about it in this article!

 6. What's your favourite part about working for 1001?

  It’s always busy and an ever-changing category. What I enjoy most is seeing shoppers love the products as much as I do!

 7. Do you think you will ever launch into different markets other than carpet cleaners?

 This is an interesting question, 1001 started off as a carpet cleaner, then we launched carpet freshening brands which are now Britain’s No.1. We don’t like to limit ourselves and always aim higher so you never know what the future may hold.

 8. Is being ethical important to your brand?

 At 1001 we are passionate about cruelty-free, you can read more about it in this article! We’re also conscious about making sustainable choices for the future.

 9. Will you bring the 1001 Carpet Fresh Spring Blossom back?

 Now that would be telling! If you keep an eye out on our social channels in Jan 2021, we will be announcing next year’s Spring fragrance!

10. Where does it get manufactured?

 The Carpet Cleaning products are manufactured in the UK and the Freshening ones are manufactured in Italy.

So, now that you know all about the history, identity, and creative processes behind the incredible brand 1001, make sure you shop 1001 Carpet Care now on FabFinds for some fantastic deals!




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