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Fight the Winter Flake: Skincare for Winter

Winter Skincare Tips & Tricks

It’s that time of year again: Pink skies in the morning, icy steps and de-icer blow-back in your face. It’s dark when you wake up and dark before you even leave work in the evening.

Winter takes its toll on all of us. Extreme weather outside is repeated inside, as we spend our working hours in centrally heated offices or freezing cold warehouses. These kinds of extremes leave hair lank; lips cracked and skin flaky and dry, making good skincare products important must-haves.

Winter is not a good look.

Skin Care Solutions

So what to do to beat the ferocity of the winter winds?

Wrapping up warm often does the trick for the body, although legs often get the dreaded flake before the winter chill descends.

But it’s the complexion that really takes a hit. Facing extreme winds and cold can strip the skin’s natural protective barrier. This allows moisture loss and irritation, and skin can become red and patchy. For those who suffer from inflamed skin in the form of eczema or psoriasis, winter can be hellish.

Start a Seasonal Skin Care Routine

Choose a cream cleanser that offers some serious hydration without the soap. We love Simple Purifying Cleansing Lotion.

The ideal product to start your daily cleanse, simply warm in your hands and massage into the skin in circular motions. Then either rinse with warm water or wipe away with cotton pads or a soft flannel.

If you prefer a cleansing wipe in the morning, then look no further than Nuage Argan Oil Cleansing Wipes. With Argan Oil to moisturise and Chamomile extract to soothe, these cleansing facial wipes will get your skin off to a great start.

Ever used a toner? You should. Simple does a great range of gentle skincare, and we love the benefits of Simple Soothing Facial Toner. Enriched with skin-loving ingredients like Pro-Vitamin B5, the skin is left soft, soothed and ready for a good moisturiser.

Which moisturiser you use depends on skin type. Anti-aging moisturisers are often heavy, and while they’re good for mature skin, they can block pores on younger skins and cause break-outs.

We love a good CC cream, which combats red and dark patches while moisturising. A good quality CC cream usually has a good SPF to protect skin from damage, even on the coldest days.

We really like Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 CC Day Cream with an SPF15. This non-greasy formula is quick to absorb and balances skin tone for a brightening effect.

Younger skins would benefit from Neutrogena’s CC cream, which is water-based and gives breathable coverage for skin.

For an extra boost on a cold day, try Nuage Wonder Balm. It’s a great lip protector and can be used on hands and nails. And it can also be used anywhere else that would benefit from a bit of protection.

Extra Treats

While practicing a daily skincare routine is great, there’s always some extra treats you can apply to your skin to keep you looking like your best self.

Face masks:

Face masks can be a messy, time-consuming business. However, sheet masks offer a quick fix for those who don’t have the time for a full-on pamper sesh.

Heavily infused with moisturising and toning ingredients, lay the mask onto your face, lay back and relax.

There’s something for every skin ailment, and massaging the skin over the top of a sheet mask always feels great.

We stock a variety of face masks, but we love Skin Academy’s Sheet Mask range. For us, the best for hydration was definitely the Soothing Honey Fabric Sheet Face Mask.

Something you don’t see every day is Skin Academy’s Hydrating Lip Masks. Infused with collagen and lavender oil for a deeply moisturising treat, we love to use these every couple of weeks.

And don’t forget, good skin starts from the inside. So drink up and give your body the strength to fight dehydration this winter.

There’s lots you can do to combat the winter flake this season. We stock a wide range of body moisturisers and hydrating gloves to help keep your skin moisturised this year.

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