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How to be the Best Secret Santa

How to be the Best Secret Santa

Secret Santa can often strike fear into the best of gift-givers. Maybe your office has decided to do Secret Santa, and you’re given what's-his-name from Human Resources who you’ve only said hello to twice. Or you’re deciding to have a Secret Santa party with your housemates, but don't want to break the bank. Whatever your situation, we have compiled a simple guide to ensure that you are successful as a secret Santa. At FabFinds, we have a complete and fabulous category of stocking fillers for under £5 – so this is perfect if your group have decided to set a gift budget!

When thinking about who is going to receive your gift, it’s important to spend time considering who they are, what they like to do, and what would make them smile. Are they a food lover, a crafty creative, a beauty fiend, or a cleaning neat freak? What kind of things have you overheard them talking about? What would excite them – and make it personal. If you stick to this, you really can’t go wrong as a Secret Santa.

The Beauty Lover

We all know someone who is obsessed with grooming, pampering, makeup, or skincare. And with this kind of person, you really cannot go wrong with a beauty gift set. On FabFinds, we have amazing and affordable gift sets from the best brands like Dirty Works and The Beauty Parlour. This Dirty Works Night Out Queen Bag Essentials is a glamorous gift that any beauty lover is sure to appreciate. At only £3.99, this sequin makeup bag contains a matte liquid lipstick, a Midnight Blues fragrance and a handy emery board. So this four-piece beauty gift set is great value for money too!

If you know a guy that is obsessed with looking well-groomed and handsome, then we also have incredible men’s beard grooming kits which are sure to keep him looking dapper. Take a look at our Brisk Men’s Beard Grooming Kit in a zesty lemon scent. This luxurious 3 piece set includes: nourishing beard oil, face & beard wash, as well as a grooming comb. But the options don't end there! Online right now, we also have luxurious Christmas sets from big brands like Nivea, Bulldog Skincare and Rapport.

The Chocoholic

This one is easy as we all have an inner chocoholic inside of us. Who is going to be disappointed with a scrumptious and indulgent treat? But if you notice that your gift receiver has a real sweet tooth, then we have the most delicious and seasonal chocolate available at FabFinds. From sublime Toblerones, to Maltesers and After Eights, we have everything to tantalise your taste buds this December.

The Cleaning Neat-Freak

We all know that one germophobe who simply cannot stand dirt, dust or grease. Maybe they are always wiping down their desk at work or soaking their hands in anti-bacterial hand gel. Either way, they are sure to appreciate a three pack of seasonal Fabulosa spray. These handy anti-bacterial sprays come in irresistible scents like Sugared Almonds and Winter Cherries. These stunning seasonal scents are sure to delight anyone who cannot stand germs, and in a handy three pack you get more bang for your buck!

The Caffeine Queen

These gifts are for the person who needs their morning coffee to function, and their afternoon tea to keep going. They are either always on their way to make a brew, or already have a cuppa in their hand. This kind of person is guaranteed to appreciate a new festive mug to add to their collection. Grab a Christmas Robin mug at FabFinds, and pair it with a delicious box of Lyons Gingerbread Cappuccino Instant Coffee Sachets. This beautiful and aromatic blend of sugar and cinnamon is sure to give a unique twist to this person’s classic morning brew. Or if your Secret Santa does not like ginger, we have many other delicious options like a nutty Hazelnut Cappuccino, an Irish Cream Latte - or just a classic no-frills cappunccino (you can find them all here!)

The Crafty Creative

This is the person who is always making something fun, whether it’s through painting, knitting, drawing or more. For this creative soul, you can pick up quality and colourful yarn that any ambitious knitter is going to love. On fabfinds, we have various different wool blends and types, from multi-coloured Magic Aran, to Chunky Two Tone yarn. Include instructions offline on how to knit the perfect winter hat or scarf, so the person receiving your gift can get crafty straight away!



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