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How To Decorate Minimalist Style


Is your home feeling cluttered, disorganised and stressful? Take a look now. Do you really need all of those ornaments? Have you ever even touched those books that are collecting dust? A cluttered and claustrophobic home has been proven to increase stress levels – and generally make your life a lot harder than it needs to be. By adopting a minimalist style décor, you can enjoy a clear, open space that will allow your mind to truly be at peace.

This refreshing style of interior design is an exercise in restraint; where space, lighting, and objects play equally important roles. In essence, you need to narrow down your furnishings to the essentials, so you’re left with only specially selected items that will leave a big impression. Many people misconstrue minimalism to be boring, but this style can be bold, practical and highly fashionable if you do it correctly. Follow our tips on how to redecorate your home with a minimalist style that is still inviting and homely.

Minimalist Style Décor Tip 1: Declutter your home

This may seem obvious – but we’re not talking about your usual routine tidy up. On visible shelves, tables and cupboards, only display the bare essentials. All other objects should be stored away into cupboards where they are out of site. You can easily compartmentalise your clutter with our storage baskets and boxes; these are so simple to slot into cupboards, wardrobes, and underneath beds.

For example, in your kitchen, display a few interesting elements such as cooking utensil pots or tea and sugar containers – but everything else should be stored away in cabinets. No miscellaneous mugs, pasta or cereal containers should take up space on the counter. Use your own eye when editing your counters and shelves; what few objects do you think should be on display? What compliments the colour scheme of your kitchen?

Minimalist Style Décor Tip 2: Make space for empty space

When adopting a minimalist style, free and plain space will become your biggest statement. This is because minimalist style is all about how your free space interacts with your objects. The more clear space you have, the more defined your focal points will be. For example, your living room can still have plenty of space with no loud distractions, whilst still displaying essential décor like family photographs or pops of colour with artificial succulent plants.

Minimalist Style Décor Tip 3: Refine your colour palette

Light, pastel and neutral colours are the bread and butter to creating a minimalist style home. Choose a simple colour palette for your walls and stick to similar tones when adding in furnishings like tables and chairs. Adding pops of vibrant colour can also be effective – but these should be few and far between. For example, with a white kitchen table, cream chairs and walls, then a colourful vase of flowers will provide a statement that will bring the whole room to life.

Minimalist Style Décor Tip 4: Accent decorations

Do not be afraid to add some decorations to your space; the minimalist secret is to be selective and only to have a few in each room. The last thing you should do is overcrowd a room with decorative art, photographs, furnishings etc. Instead, use decorative pieces as accents. For example, in a living room with neutral shades for sofas, carpets, and rugs, adding a colourful Velvet Footstool will add intrigue to the room without being a large distraction.

Similarly with artificial plants, you can choose to go big like a large Artificial Bay Tree for the focal point of a corner of the room, or add a smaller greenery accent with a little succulent plant on a coffee table or shelf. It’s really up to what you want the focus of each room to be; the aim of the minimalist game is to simply not overwhelm any room with objects and distractions.

Minimalist Style Décor Tip 5: Experiment with textures

You can add interest to your minimalist style by incorporating different textures. When trying to stick to one colour palette, it can be interesting to add various textures to still make your home look full of character. Try adding a furry neutral rug to a hardwood floor, or a plush faux fur cushion to refresh your sofa. These various textures will add an inviting and homely touch to your minimal rooms. Unlike different colours, different textures can be played with more freely without creating an overwhelming atmosphere.

Minimalist Style Décor Tip 6: Pick patterns wisely

Many minimalists will do away with patterns completely. But when chosen wisely, they can still be implemented into your décor. If you want to add some patterns, choose subtle ones that involve similar tones and modest designs. Prints and patterns can work effectively as accents or as focal points. Patterned rugs offer interesting focal points, whilst printed cushions or curtains can act as great accents for sofas and chairs. Patterns are the perfect way to break up monotony and will ensure that your décor is not tedious.

Minimalist Style Décor Tip 7: Simplicity is key in decorations

Simplicity can be striking. Rethink your ordinary objects as these can suddenly become focal statement pieces against a neutral background. Modern lamps and stylish glass jar candles can have a huge image when they are surrounded by empty space. On FabFinds, we have contemporary industrial lamps, trendy light shades and decorative lanterns that will serve your style effortlessly. These stunning objects will make more of a statement when surrounded by empty and neutral spaces. Just remember, less is more!



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