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How To Have A Staycation This Summer

With booking international holidays still proving to be a risky business, you might be counting on having a stay-cation with your family this summer. These at-home holidays are all about making the most of your home country – come rain or sunshine! Whether you’re planning a grand day out, or a weekend getaway, or simply spending the day in your garden; we have the tips to make it an occasion to remember.

Outdoor Movie Night

Enjoy your own outdoor cinema experience with family and friends! On a beautiful summer evening, why not create a cosy set up with snacks and blankets to enjoy a film with loved ones. Ideal if you own a projector screen and a large garden – but in a smaller space then a laptop and Netflix totally works! Create a cosy lounging area with throws, blankets, and cushions. Candles and outdoor solar fairy lights will also help to make a magical atmosphere.

And what is a cinema experience without the snacks? Grab some picnic plates and serving bowls to fill to the brim with delicious crisps, chocolates and sweeties that your guests will love munching on whilst watching the action.

Have A Pool Day At Home

On FabFinds, we have many different pools which you can blow up for a day of fun in the garden. When a UK heatwave strikes, there’s nothing better than cooling down with a splash in the paddling pool. You can make this a relaxing float about, or turn up the energy with water guns and bombs! These water toys make an exhilarating game that is sure to banish boredom and use up the kids energy.

Fire up the BBQ!

Summer time is made for enjoying char-grilled foods with sparkling beverages. When the sun is shining, it’s definitely time to dust off your barbeque and invite your friends and family over to share some burgers and hot dogs. Discover our top tips on how to throw the perfect alfresco BBQ right here.

Camping Getaway

Ensure that you pack all the camping necessities to make the most of your weekend trip. Top things to consider before you drive off to your camping destination:

  • Quality cool box for fresh sandwiches on the go
  • Extra blankets – you’ll need these for when the sun goes in!
  • A torch for those midnight toilet trips
  • Figure out how to pitch your tent in your garden before you set off (it will save you time in the future!)
  • Flip flops - perfect for slipping on to go to the beach or to pop outside of the tent.

Stay Safe In The Sun

Just because you’re in the UK does not mean you won’t catch the sun. It is so important to stay protected with SPF at all times when you’re having fun in the summer rays. Care for your skin so you can be protected against nasty sunburns, pre-mature aging and sun spots. 

Whether you’re sunbathing in the garden beside the paddling pool, or heading to the beach from the campsite; you’re going to need to lather up in that sun cream. On FabFinds, we have a range of SPF sun lotions which are non-greasy, water resistant, and from leading brands such as Nivea, EAD, and Calypso.

Enjoy A Picnic In The Park

Prepping some sandwiches, crisps, sweets and snacks will save you money and time. Pack up your cool box and take this with you wherever you go. You can easily pack up our light-weight but sturdy bamboo melamine dining sets for a stylish alfresco dining experience. These reusable options will help you to minimise your waste and the impact on the environment.

Let’s talk the classic picnic food which everyone knows and loves. Prepare a refreshing salad, crisp fresh bread and irresistible nibbles like sausage rolls, scotch eggs, potato salad and crisps. You can keep all this super fresh in a large cooler box, with cups, plates and bowls at the ready. Pack blankets to sit on, or for extra warmth if the weather takes a sudden brisk turn. Ensure that you consider other essentials such as anti-bacterial wipes to keep nasty bacteria at bay, as well as bin bags to clear away any rubbish when you are ready to leave. Discover how to pack the perfect picnic hamper right here for more tips.

With the help of these staycation ideas, you and the family can make some truly special memories this summer. Regardless of whether you’re staying at home, or venturing out the countryside or coast; these staycation tips are perfect for creating wonderful moments for the whole family to remember.



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