Food Cupboard

Whether your home bristles with the activities of a busy family, or you live on your own, you need to keep stocked-up on all those household ‘musts’ that keep everything, and everyone operating at peak capacity. Fab Finds’ extensive line-up of essentials for the home are at discount prices that will make you look twice.Read more.

Probably the most important activity of the morning is prepping for the day ahead with a coffee, straight from your coffee machine. In the Fab Finds’ essentials category, you’ll find a host of coffee machine pod flavours for Tassimo and Nescafe Dolce Gusto machines at really affordable prices.

Your home’s laundry needs are fully-catered for as well. Search through our essentials section and you’ll discover washing favourites from many of the high street’s favourite brands – capsules and powder – and often in multipacks offering even better value for money. We know accidents can happen when it comes to clothes and other household fabrics, so we also stock various fabric stain removers (gel, spray and powder) to get rid of those unavoidable stubborn mishaps.

Traditional aromatic candles and electric-based diffusers are also part of the Fab Finds’ essentials. With brands like Air Wick and other air freshener names available at discounted prices, ensuring you can stock-up on the things that help keep your home smelling fresh and inviting.

The domestic cleaning chores, although never fun, can be made easier and the effects longer-lasting with the right products in hand. At Fab Finds we have a line-up of the best cleaning essentials for the household, whether it’s for the bathroom, kitchen or living room.

So make things easier for you and your wallet and stock-up on our cleaning must-haves, part of the Fab Finds’ ‘essentials’.