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How To Make The Perfect Christmas Eve Box With FabFinds

Christmas is the most exciting time of the year for families, so why not make your Christmas Eve extra special with a festive FabFinds Christmas Eve box? This is a perfect way to spend time with loved ones on Christmas Eve, and will make sure everyone is excited and ready for an amazingly festive Christmas Day! At FabFinds, we believe it is so important for the family to connect over something other than the wifi at Christmas, so we have included lots of ideas for a Christmas Eve box that the whole family can enjoy taking part in!

From family games, to making sweets treats, and getting cozy for bedtime, Christmas Eve boxes are an amazing way to delight all ages – especially for children who simply cannot wait for Santa to arrive!

Satisfy Your Festive Sweet Tooth With a Delicious Treat

To kick-start your Christmas Eve, you simply have to add a sweet treat idea to your Christmas Eve Bundle Box. You can comfort the whole family with a steaming cup of Hot Cocoa. With Fabfinds’ Cadbury or Milka Tassimo refills you can get a barista quality drink in just a few seconds. We also have delicious variations like Oreo Hot Chocolate available, so you can make sure that everyone has a drink they will enjoy. Just make sure to top your drink with soft and delicious marshmallows for the ultimate tasty treat!

 Another scrumptious way to bring the family together is by creating an easy to make cake-in-a-mug. Simply grab your favourite stylish mug from FabFinds and either use a handy pre-made cake mix or combine a few tablespoons of self-raising flour, sugar, milk, one egg and vanilla essence. Top your mug with whatever you fancy! At FabFinds, we recommend some delicious chocolate chips or even some crushed nuts to give your cake-in-a-mug some extra delicious sweetness.

After that, no lengthy baking is required, simply pop your mug into the microwave on high for two minutes and watch as your quick cake mix becomes a culinary masterpiece! This is the perfect way to create something scrumptious this Christmas Eve, as you get all the joys of baking without a lot of mess, time, or effort!

Or if baking isn’t your thing but you still want a sweet treat in the evening, then you need to add one of our Toblerones to your Christmas Eve Box! In four delicious varieties of White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, and Milk Chocolate, with honey and almonds – there is definitely an indulgent flavour to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth!

Festive & Fun Family Bonding with Games & Creative Activities

Another great addition to your Christmas Eve Bundle Box would be a creative activity or a family game that brings everyone together! This is a great way to make the most of the precious time you have with loved ones, and also ensures that everyone has time away from their screens and phones. At FabFinds, we believe that during the Christmas season it is important for family and friends disconnect from the online world and focus on the important things - so we stock the best family games, puzzles and crafts that are guaranteed to bring everyone together!

Some of our personal favourites would be traditional board games like Topple Tower, Snake & Ladders, Ludo, and Draughts. These are classic family games which are great to get everyone thinking strategically. Grandparents, kids and teenagers will enjoy, so everyone can be included in the festive fun!

Another way to have a show-stopping Christmas Eve is to add our best-selling build your own Gingerbread House kit from The Little Treats Bakery into your Christmas Eve Box. The whole family can enjoy building this scrumptious, ginger treat. It is guaranteed to look so heart-warming and charming on your Christmas dessert table – perfect for the kids to show off their baking skills to relatives on Christmas day! In this Gingerbread House Kit, you can enjoy a sweet treat and a festively fun activity all in one! This kit comes with simple step-by-step instructions, and is so much fun for children and adults of all ages!

Getting Cozy & Warm Ready for Bed

After so much festive family fun, it is imperative to wind down properly on Christmas Eve to make sure everyone is well-rested for an exciting Christmas morning! This can be particularly tricky for young children who are energised in anticipation of Santa’s arrival; however a peaceful nights rest can still be achieved with the help of FabFinds!

After all the excitement of Christmas Eve activities and sweet treats, it’s important to add calming products to your Christmas Eve Box. And what better way to wind down for the evening by making sure you are super cozy and warm?

Begin by making sure the whole family is decked out in super comfy and warm pyjamas. Feeling warm and toasty will inevitably cause the kids’ eyelids to start drooping. At FabFinds, we also have an incredibly warm range of snuggle socks. These are a perfect addition to a Christmas Eve box, as they will ensure that chilly feet are a part of no ones’ Christmas!

For even more comfort during those frosty winter evenings, it is vital to also add a Hot Water Bottle to your Christmas Eve Box. On the nights when the heating won’t cut it, it’s always a great idea to take a hot water bottle to bed with you. This mini but inexpensive heater will make your bed extra snuggly – so you can get the rest you deserve on Christmas Eve!

For the adults, there’s nothing more calming than lighting a candle before bedtime. There is something about the magical soft glow of a candlelit room that melts the stress from your busy mind. At FabFinds, we stock a luxurious range of candles, in all kinds of delicious or spicy scents. In your Christmas Eve Box, you have to pop in some of our limited edition Christmas candles, like Glade’s Christmas Tree Moments. This candle has a calming but merry fragrance bursting with eucalyptus, fir needles and spruce. A festive fragrance along with a warming glass of mulled wine – has there ever been a better way to spend a Christmas Eve?



  • Sounds interesting, what wonderful ideas!! I think I might just have to purchase that candle, sounds divine. Can’t wait to be sipping my mulled wine by the fire!

    Posted by Karen | October 05, 2020
  • Such an interesting article! So many great ideas!! Think I might just have to purchase that candle !

    Posted by Emma | October 05, 2020
  • Love this idea!! As a child my family had lots of Christmas traditions that I look back on fondly. This seems like such a fun way to get the family together for a cosy night getting into the festive spirit! Definitely considering doing a box like this for my brother and sister-in-law to do with my nephews! Perfect way to distract them from their screens! :)

    Posted by Amber | October 01, 2020
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