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How To Make Your Own Christmas Wreath

Nothing says Christmas like Christmas Wreath on your front door! When it comes to decorating your home for the festive season, a Christmas wreath will add a lovely warm and welcoming finishing touch. Here at FabFinds, we’re taking the opportunity to get crafty, so why not follow our easy step by step guide and add a homemade Christmas wreath to your door?

Whether you’re DIY savvy or completely new to crafting homemade items, just follow our steps below and you’ll be able to master a homemade Christmas wreath in no time! You can almost guarantee the neighbours will be asking where you bought your new wreath from!

What You'll Need

  • Gloves
  • Scissors
  • Base - Wire or wicker
  • Foliage - natural or artificial
  • Decorative berries, Holly and ivy, pine cones, cinnamon bundles, sticks, moss, dried fruit
  • Ribbon


1. Base

First things first, you need to start with your base. You will need to choose from either a wire wreath or a wicker wreath base and if you’re feeling extra creative, you can even opt to make your own base by using some metal wire or flexible bendy branches (willow being the best option). If you do choose to make your own base then just remember, the thicker the base, the more greenery, foliage and accessories you’ll need to hide it.

2. Foliage

When it comes to selecting to your foliage, you can choose from either natural or artificial. Artificial foliage will be a good option if you're looking to use your wreath in years to come.

Natural Foliage

A great place to find natural foliage is the garden! You can pretty much choose any greenery you like the look of - some evergreen plants will look great as well as Christmas classics such as holly and ivy and pine leaves. If you’re making your Christmas wreath with a wire base, then you’ll want to find plenty of moss to attach to your wreath. This will need to be secured tightly with some green twine to create a compact filling, and make it easier for you to attach the rest of your foliage and accessories.

Artificial Foliage

If you’re using artificial foliage, then choose from artificial sprigs, festive glitter berry picks, poinsettia stems, artificial eucalyptus and more. Whichever colour scheme you are going with, you can easily creative a truly festive Christmas wreath with artificial foliage and accessories! Simply position your chosen foliage onto your wreath and attach it securely with some wire!



3.Attaching your foliage

Begin by taking your foliage and twist and feed it into your wreath. Wrap the steam of the leaves around the wire or wreath and try to keep the end of the leaves facing outwards. Fix in place using green twine or wire and then carry on until you have covered the whole base in leaves and foliage. You may need to go back around the wire or wreath a few times just to ensure it is completely covered.


4.Add Your Accessories

Time to dress up your wreath! Make sure you decorate your wreath creation with plenty of festive accessories! Choose from colourful berries, festive pine cones, cinnamon bundles and dried clementine! You can even try spray painting some of your pine cones in a festive gold, silver or fake snow to add even more Christmas spirit to your homemade Christmas wreath!


5.Attach you ribbon

Last but not least, attach your ribbon for an attractive festive touch. Here at FabFinds, we have a range of ribbons and bows for you to choose from, from the classic tartan styles through to pink glitter and white and gold. You can be sure to find the perfect ribbon to match your one-of-a-kind Christmas masterpiece!


6.Hang up your wreath

Time to hang your homemade Christmas Wreath in pride of place! If you’ve used natural foliage to create your wreath, then hanging it outside will help keep it fresh for about 4 weeks, however if you hang it inside it will keep for around 2 weeks. Choose from our super festive over the door wreath hangers, perfect for giving your wreath a home for the Christmas season, and without the inconvenience of nailing a hook into your door!




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