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Revealed: #Hinch Army Cleaning Secrets

Have you heard of Mrs. Hinch and her Hincher Crew? If you’re into cleaning tricks and hacks for your home, you definitely should have.

Her cleaning tips have inspired many to ping on those marigolds and dig in that sink cupboard. A cleaning craze has hit the UK and started to clean a path around the globe.

We're big fans at FabFinds and we want in on The Hinch Army! Other fans or Hinchers have inspired us with their own cleaning tips and tricks. Sharing them on social platforms, they're creating a real buzz in the community.

It’s time for a big clean. And we at FabFinds have been trawling the Hincher cleaning shares to find the best and most liked tips and tricks.

So here you have it. Our Top 7 Hinch Cleaning Tips. Yes, we know – you can thank us later.

Bathroom and Kitchen Grouting

When grouting gets discoloured, your once pristine-white tiles can look a little dull. But fear not. There are many useful cleaning hacks you can use to combat the situation.

Stardrops’ The Pink Stuff is the obvious choice for this task. We recommend applying it with a toothbrush and leaving The Pink Stuff to soak on the grouting for at least an hour.

For more great tips on using The Pink Stuff, check out our Pink Stuff blog.

Here's a Hincher hack that's cheap and simple. All you need is a bottle of bleach and a paintbrush:

  • Simply paint the bleach onto the tiles and grouting;
  • Leave to soak for a few hours.
  • Rinse.

Not only will you have you brightened the grout, but you’ve bleached your tiles as well.

Another method from the Hinch fan community is using Astonish Mould & Mildew Spray:

  • Spray directly onto the grout;
  • Place cotton pads over the treated area
  • Leave overnight.

    The results are spectacular!

    Cleaning the washing machine tray

    One of the worst jobs to tackle, it never ceases to amaze how clogged with gunk the washing machine tray gets. If you don’t stay on top of it, the results can be pretty gross. Black layers of mush sit on top of hardened laundry detergent. Eugh! Not good.

    But no fear, a wise Hincher has shared her cleaning tips to return your washing machine to its former glory:

    • Apply Flash Bathroom Spray to break down the scummy soap build-up;
    • Then add Viakal Limescale Spray into the mix to treat the areas inflicted with limescale.
    • Then simply scrape and scrub to squeaky clean perfection.

    In your cleaning kit, you will need an old toothbrush and a metal teaspoon to scrape off hard bits.

    Refreshing cushions

    Scatter cushions aren’t just there to look pretty these days. They’re part and parcel of everyday family life.

    Our pets sleep and sometimes chew on them, thus covering them in pet hair. We use them to prop ourselves up before falling asleep and dribbling on them…or is that just me?

    How to freshen cushions without sticking the covers in the washing machine?

    Well, whether it’s the cushions on your sofa or elsewhere in the home, Hinchers are in absolute agreement:

    Simply place a Lenor Tumble Dryer Sheet into your cushion covers!

    This tip works an absolute treat. It adds amazing freshness and aroma – and with the sheet shut-tight in the cushion, it will last for ages. What a brilliant suggestion from the Hincher crew.

    Gas hob tops and racks

    Cleaning your hob is one of the most frustrating cleaning tasks of all. Bits of food and splashes get baked on, and solid stains become far harder to shift. So much so, it’s often one of those jobs that get left until you can’t ignore it anymore.

    Sanitise your hob and leave it sparkling clean with this suggestion from the world of the Hinch Army:

    1. Spray with a degreaser cleaning solution. This will attack residual grease that has built up over time. Often grease forms a layer over older dirt, grime, and stains.
    2. Next, give it a good spray of diluted Zoflora in a custom spray bottle. There are so many great scents to choose from.
    3. Use a good cleaning pad to scrub away the dirt. Make sure it’s non-abrasive if your hob is stainless steel.
    4. Give it all a good rinse for a brilliant shine.
    5. Soak the racks and gas rings in the sink using dishwasher tablets in boiling water.
    6. Scrub, rinse and voilà.

    A wonderfully fresh and sanitised hob that you could eat your dinner off of.

    Not that you’d want to. You’ve just cleaned that!

    Dishwasher tablets for your whites

    Now here’s a great idea for a cleaning hack:

    For whites that shine brighter than the sun, add a dishwasher tablet in your machine. Yes. We know. You’re welcome.

    We recommend Persil Dishwasher Tablets for the best results. All you need to do is break them in two before putting them in the drum with the laundry.

    We also recommend that you wear sunglasses to help shield your eyes from the gleaming-white results. Okay, we might have made that last bit up. You can find other types of dishwasher tablets here.

    Fight the fog on bathroom mirrors

    Even with the extractor fan on high, the bathroom mirror always ends up fogged up after a shower. Unless you buff it with a towel, you can’t see a thing in that fog. Try this trick:

    • Rub a thin layer of soap over the bathroom mirror
    • Then buff off with a clean, dry towel or microfiber cloth
    • Remove any excess with a bit of glass cleaner for a streak free shine. And there you have it, a mirror that stays shiny and clear even after the hottest of showers.

    Beat the winter frost on cars

    Here’s an eco-friendly hack we’ve never thought of: when cleaning your car, stop ice build-up on the windows with the natural cleaning power of white vinegar.

    Mix 1 part white vinegar with 3 parts water and clean your car windows and mirrors.

    The acid in the vinegar prevents ice from forming, so no more freezing hands on cold winter mornings!

    So there they are, 7 great cleaning hacks gleaned from the Hincher camp. For more cleaning tips and tricks to get your home sparkling and clean, find Mrs.Hinch on Instagram and Facebook.

    We've got a huge range of cleaning supplies at FabFinds. From disinfectants to sink unblockers, you can find all your household needs on our online shop. Nip over, have a browse and find all your favourites at FabFinds.

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