Cleaning Secrets of the #Hinch Army

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 6 months you’ll know all about the phenomenon that is Mrs Hinch and all her amazing cleaning advice. As her Instagram followers and legions of fans have increased, so has the inspirational creativity of the community that the Hinch 'movement' has created.

Known simply as the Hinch Army or 'Hinchers' these devotees regularly reveal their special cleaning hacks and methods to each other via Facebook Groups and Instagram posts, in true Mrs Hinch style.

The community is thriving, and everyone is revelling in sharing their own cleaning tricks to help each other out.

Whether you’re a devout Hincher yourself, or an inquisitive outsider looking in, this FabFinds blog is a great way to find some of the best Hincher community cleaning shares all together in one place.

Yes, we know – you can thank us later. 

1. Bathroom and Kitchen Grouting

Discoloured grouting around your once pristine-white tiles can cause you all sorts of heartache, but there are a number of really useful cleaning hacks you can implement to combat the situation.

Stardrops’ The Pink Stuff is the obvious choice for this, we recommend applying it with a tooth brush and leaving The Pink Stuff to soak on the grouting for at least an hour.

You can finds more fab uses for The Pink Stuff in our Pink Stuff blog.

However, some Hinchers have shared a cheap and simple grout-cleaning hack that just require a bottle of any type of bleach and a paint brush. Simply paint the bleach onto the tiles and grouting and leave on to soak for a few hours. When you wash it off not only have you brightened the grouting but you’ve bleached your tiles as well.

Another method championed by the Hinch fan community is using Astonish Mould & Mildew Spray to use on the grout, place cotton pods over it and then leave overnight. All being well, the results in the next morning should be spectacular.

2. Cleaning the washing machine tray

It never ceases to amaze how clogged-up and damn right dirt the detergent and conditioner tray in a washing machine gets. If you don’t stay on top of it regularly and let it build-up, the scenes can be horrific.

A wise Hincher has shared her tactics on returning her washing machine to former glories. She suggested using Flash Bathroom Spray on the scummy soap build-up, while adding Viakal into the mix for the areas inflicted by limescale.

Tools to help also include an old toothbrush, metal ball and the use of a teaspoon to gently scrape of hard bits.

 3. Refreshing cushions

So how do you freshen-up your cushions around the home without taking off the  covers to physically wash? Well, whether it’s the cushions on your sofa or elsewhere in the home, Hinchers are in absolute agreement that simply placing a Lenor Tumble Dryer Sheet into your cushions works an absolute treat. 

Providing amazing freshness and aroma – and what’s more,  because the sheet is sealed-up in the cushion, it will last for ages. A brilliant suggestion from the Hincher crew.

 4. Gas hob tops and racks

One of the hardest tasks to take on is the top areas of your hob. Stains and baked-on dirt and grime can a lot of hard work to get rid of.

A sure-fire suggestion from the world of the Hinch Army is to use the following combination of products to get your hob surfaces sparkling-clean.

Firstly Flash with Degreaser will help attack any residual grease that has built up over tine, often forming layers over older dirt, grim and stains. Then  give it a good a spray of diluted  Zoflora in a custom spray bottle, this will help bring things to a brilliant shine. Use a good cleaning pad too, but make sure it’s not non-abrasive if your hob is stainless steel.

When it comes to the racks and gas rings, simply soak them in the sink, using dishwasher tablets in boiling water. Scrub, rinse and voilà.

5. Dishwasher tablets for your whites

Now here’s a fantastic suggestion for a cleaning hack that just goes to show the level of ingenuity and creatively within the Hinch Army community.

Simply put, when it comes to your laundry, for your whites, try using a dishwasher tablet in your machine. Yes we know, who’d have thought it, right?

Persil Dishwasher Tablets are recommended and all you need to do is break them in two before putting them in the drum. It’s also recommended you use sunglasses to help shield your eyes from the gleaming-white results. Okay, we might have made that last bit up. You can find other types of dishwasher tablets here.