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Your Essential Back to School and Work Checklist

It’s time to get back to the distant memory of early mornings, the school bell, and the dreaded work commute. Now before you know it, we are making the transition from doing zoom calls in our pyjamas and learning complex maths equations for the kids’ homeschooling, to going to bed on time and trying to regain a sensible routine and structure! As the world went into lockdown over 5 months ago, we are going to take some time adjusting in getting up earlier and preparing to leave the house. That’s why here at FabFinds we have put together an Essential Back to School and Work Checklist to make your evenings and mornings a breeze!

Your Bedtime Routine Sorted

As we know from the experts, a regular bedtime usually guarantees a better night’s sleep. However, actually sticking to our bedtime is a different story! From having a pre-bedtime routine for the kids, to ensure you are fully relaxed and drift off into a blissful night sleep, an efficient bedtime routine sometimes needs an extra helping hand. Here at FabFinds, we have some relaxing sleep solution suggestions to ensure you get the best night's sleep you deserve. So put down the brain-stimulating screens and get ready to be a pro at your bedtime sleep routine!

Relaxing Bath Salts

Get ready to unwind and truly relax with some calming Bath Salts. Our wide range of soothing Bath Salts will take your bathing experience to the next level, specially designed to mimic the properties of natural mineral baths or hot springs. Complete with essential oils, Bath Salts will neutralize negative energy, preparing your mind and body for a deeper sleep. The magnesium content in bath salts is believed to absorb easily into the skin, so soaking in a salt bath for at least twenty minutes will relieve muscle soreness and cramps as well as decrease inflammation. The essential oils will mean soaking in bath salts will evolve into a mind and body experience. With herbal scents such as Lavender you can let your body naturally prepare for bedtime.

From Westlabs Bath Salts through to Epsom Salts, Radox Stress Relief Bath Therapy and more, we have a wide range of Bath Salts from the top brands, all at discounted prices so you can wash your troubles away and soothe your way into a great night’s sleep, for less! Discover our Bath Salts collection here.


Lunch Preparation

So you’ve got your good night sleep routine down to a T, and you’ve woken up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day ahead. However, as we all know the morning rush and preparing the kids for school poses its own challenges! With 2020 causing everyone to be out of sync and the concept of a morning routine completely out the window, it will be great to some normality and functionality back into our home lives!

Lunch Boxes

When it comes to lunch-time preparation you need to ensure you have everything you need to guarantee an enjoyable lunch on the go for you and the kids! Lunch boxes are a must-have item in the house; especially when home-cooking at lunch will be a thing of the past!

With many people still opting for a grab and go lunch, and single-use lunch packaging proving to put more strain on the planet, it really is time you invested in a reusable lunch box or two!

Whether you need to purchase a handy compartment lunch box with cutlery to store your fruit and veg, or you’re after something you can easily put in the microwave to heat up last night’s takeaway, it’s important to choose a lunch box or container that is suitable for your desired lunch choice!

To get off to a good start you want to ensure that you choose a lunch box that comes with a secure locking mechanism- nobody wants the contents of their lunch spilled all over their work bag! Clip and Seal lunch boxes offer great security when carrying your lunch around. The lock feature ensures no spills or leaks and will give you 100% airtight storage. As well as this, you may need to consider the size of your lunch box – something that won’t take up too much storage in your bag! Discover our wide range of lunch boxes and Travel mugs here at FabFinds!

For the kids, a fun looking, character themed lunch box kit is always a winner! Here at FabFinds we have a wide range of variety when it comes to lunch storage. From LOL Surprise through to Disney Frozen and Marvel Superman Lunchboxes, you can ensure your kids will be the envy of their friends at Lunchtime with our super cool and practical Kids Lunch Box & Bags range!

Fun Stationery

An organised bag containing everything you need for the day is sure to give you peace of mind! From Stationary through to organisers, guarantee you have everything you need for the kids school day or for a day at the office.

Ensure you put pen to paper in style with our super cute range of notebooks and notepads, a working day essential! Stock up on calendars and organisers so you know exactly what you’re doing, each day, keeping on track and ticking off your to-do list!

Back Packs And Pencil Cases

Returning to school can be made all the more exciting with a cool, new backpack. The little ones who love Marvel and Disney are in for a treat at FabFinds where we have awesome superhero and Minnie Mouse designs. For the kids going back to school, you can pick up a matching pencil case and backpack that will have them feeling prepared and excited to get back into the classroom.

Essential PPE Supplies

If we think back to a year ago, the thought of remembering to take a face mask and PPE supplies to work or school would have seemed extremely bizarre. Now it’s the new normal and protecting you and your family has become more important than ever before. With masks now being compulsory in secondary schools, ensure you and your kids are stocked up on all the PPE supplies you need so you can go on about your day with more reassurance and ease!

Here at FabFinds we have put together a list of essential PPE supplies that will help to keep you safe as soon as you leave the door!

  • Reusable face mask
  • Disposable gloves
  • Hand Sanitiser
  • Pocket Friendly Anti-bacterial wipes for school and work bags
  • Anti-bacterial Wet Wipes for desks and surfaces
  • Hand Wash and Soap
  • Anti-bacterial Surface Spray


Keep you and your family safe, with our wide collection of PPE supplies, from the best brands at discounted prices!




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