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Your Guide To Vegan Cleaning Products

Opting for a vegan lifestyle is a great way to cut back on your impact on the environment. While many may be converting to being a vegan in terms of their diet, we also believe that swapping your traditional cleaning products for vegan friendly products is a great way to do your bit for the environment.

A common misconception is that chemical based products will give you better results compared to plant alternatives. However, this is not always the case. Not only are vegan cleaning products a lot kinder to animals and the planet, but they are also extremely effective when it comes to cleaning!

A great deal of household cleaning products contain animal-derived ingredients. Reading the label on product wont always help you determine if animal derived ingredients is included, because, unfortunately for us, chemical names are commonly used, which we have no clue what they are!

We have listed some one the animal-derived ingredients which are commonly used in household cleaning products below:

  • Myristic acid (this may be sourced from animal fat if not plant-based)
  • Stearic acid (this may be derived from animal fats also if not plant-based)
  • Tallow (derived specifically from beef fat)
  • Allyl alcohols (this may be extracted from several species of animal such as fish, for example)
  • Caprylic acid (this may be sourced from milk if not plant-based)
  • Glycerol (may be derived from animal fats if not plant-based)
  • Lecithin (this is waxy nervous tissue from animals if not plant-based)
  • Oleyl alcohols (may be sourced from beef fat or fish oil if not plant-based)
  • Beeswax (produced by bees)

If you’re looking to stock up on some vegan friendly cleaning brands, you might want to know which ones to look out for , before you go and buy. We have put together a list of Vegan Friendly cleaning brands, that are also are stocked online here.


For affordable yet vegan and cruelty free reputation, Astonish have some lovely products to make your home sparkle, for less! This British brand has developed something of a cult following over the years, with customers keen to buy into the idea of supporting UK names. Astonish’s quality products are consistently among our very best sellers.

Having started life some 40 years ago selling door-to-door, Astonish has evolved into a second-generation family business boasting a diverse line-up of over 60 products, specialising in all sorts of cleaning jobs throughout the home. Shop everything from multi-surface cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, bathroom cleaners and more to tackle all your household cleaning!

Astonish Cleaning Products


The old time favourite! Zoflora has gained a cult-like popularity over the years and has become a firm favourite for all cleaning fanatics! And what makes Zoflora even more attractive to its consumers, is the fact its also vegan and cruely free! Zoflora concentrated disinfectant comes in a large range of beautiful fragrances, suitable for cleaning surfaces, mopping floors through to refreshing plug holes!


Another social media sensation we must talk about is Fabulosa! Featuring vibrantly coloured packaging in gorgeous, uplifting fragrances, Fabulosa have got the cleaning world hooked! From carpet foam through to disinfectant cleaners, fabric fresheners, laundry cleansers and more, you’ll be sure to get all of your household cleaning needs met with Fabulosa. And of course what makes them even more of a must-have, is that they are all vegan and cruelty free!

Fabulosa Cleaning Products

The Pink Stuff

If cleaning is your thing, then you will most definitely of heard of The Pink Stuff from the Stardrops brand. Another cleaning brand that has made a name for themselves on social media, this brand features products such as The Miracle Cleaning Paste- a massive hit with the cleaning market, tackling even the toughest of dirt and grime and can even be used of car alloys!

Vegan friendly and cruelty free, this brand comes in attractive pink packaging, another must-have to add to your cleaning collection!


Another showstopper in the non-toxic cleaning world is the one and only Clean-olgy. Available in some refreshing fragrances and made from natural essential oils, the Clean-ology range is derived from eco-friendly ingredients, making it super safe to use all over the house and suitable for use around children and pets.



Last but not least, Easy Cleaning is another colourful and fun cleaning brand that is also Vegan friendly. Affordable and attractive, Easy sell a vast range of cleaning product from washing up liquid through to laundry detergent, disinfectant sprays and bottles and more! 



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