Air Fresheners and Home Fragrance

Although an air freshener's main objective is for odour elimination, because of the the diverse range of pleasant and classic fragrances available, they're also a great way for you to invigorate and freshen your home. Read more.

If the flexibility of freshening-up your place and eliminating odours quickly and efficiently when you have visitors, say – and you need that extra boost - you can cant’ go wrong with trigger spray or aerosol air fresheners. Consider the leading brands like Febreze, Air Wick Pure and 1001 which can all be found here at FabFinds.

Then there’s other methods like traditional candles that come in all sorts of lovely and homely fragrances, from brands like Air Wick and Ambi Pur. They can be placed around your home as convenient air freshening that double as chic home décor. Oil diffusers that use reed or sticks to omit their fragrance are worth considering too, they're cheap, easy to use and refill.

Electric air fresheners include brands like Air Wick's Freshmatics range and Ambi-Pur's mains plug-in fresheners. These give a more potent aroma, and a greater coverage than most traditional candles, and they can be set to release fragrances at timed intervals, ensuring there’s a boost of air freshening goodness in your home.

You can find the dispensers and refills at FabFinds.