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8 Affordable Ways To Make Your Uni Room Feel Like Home

8 Affordable Ways To Make Your Uni Room Feel Like Home

Moving out to attend university can feel like an overwhelming prospect. For the vast majority of students, it is the first time they have lived away from family, in a new city, with a huge crowd of new people. Whether you’re moving into halls or into a university house/flat, it’s well worth spending time making your college room as inviting and homely as possible. With the help of FabFinds, you can easily make your new empty space feel cosy, stylish and comfortable.

1. Invite nature in your uni room to feel more at home

Indoor plants. Whether you choose to go for artificial or live plants, greenery and flowers are proven to brighten up the mood of any room. Connecting with nature is scientifically proven to reduce stress and create a sense of calm – perfect if you are suddenly feeling very overwhelmed! Of course, the real things are better as live plants release oxygen which clears the air we breathe. Some low maintenance options include cacti and succulents which are not too fussy in terms of their up-keep.

But if you’re going to be far too busy with nights out, lectures and clubs to remember to looking after live plants, then we have a beautiful range of artificial plants at FabFinds which will slot perfectly onto bedroom shelves, on top of wardrobes and windowsills. These subtle plants are small, but the effect will be mighty.

2. Light it up!

Adding lights to your room can add a magically cosy vibe – especially during those late night study sessions. On FabFinds, we have a stylish range of contemporary desk lamps, as well as string fairy lights that look wonderful hanging over bedframes, walls, and wardrobes.

Most university accommodation is not renowned for its luxurious décor, so adding gorgeous fairy lights to your room can really add a welcoming vibe that will soon have you feeling at home. We have an array of modern desk lamps like this unique industrial shade. This is perfect for late-night exam cramming!

3. Sink into cosy bedding         

A great night’s sleep is guaranteed to make anyone feel better. On FabFinds, we stock a range of plush decorative throw pillows, fluffy blankets, sleeping pillows, duvets and bed sheets that are guaranteed to make you feel cosy and snug. A fresh new set of stylish sheets like these ones from Coloroll are sure to bring your university room to life in no time.

4. Stay organised!

With all those deadlines, lectures, seminars, nights out, and sports clubs, you may start to feel overwhelmed. Luckily, you can choose between our cute range of calendars and diaries which will make it easy-peasy to plan out your weeks.

Being able to stay on top of your work life and social life is key to making university less stressful. Effectively planning your weeks will mean less late night cramming study sessions or surprise deadlines that creep up on you.

5. Storage for days

University halls are not renowned for being spacious. Luckily this can easily be fixed by our handy storage boxes and baskets. Whether you need somewhere to put all those books, toiletries, or clean socks, storage boxes can be a great space-saving solution. They can be slotted underneath beds, on top and inside of wardrobes, as well as shelves. These stylish velvet storage boxes make a great way to hide and organise clutter that would otherwise make your bedroom feel stressful and messy.

6. Save Yourself From The Stink: Air fresheners & cleaning must-haves

With so many people living in close proximity, uni houses or halls can start to smell funky – especially if you have not been blessed with neat-freak house mates! Save yourself from the stink and stock up on spray and plug in air fresheners from the best brands like Febreze, Air Wick and Fabulosa. Plug in air fresheners are also a hassle free way to ensure your room always stays smelling as fresh as a daisy. It’s a good idea to grab some anti-bacterial sprays or wipes as well – fresher’s flu is definitely real and you will want to avoid nasty germs from spreading!

7. Stock Up On Toiletries

Treat yourself to some brand new shampoo, conditioner, shower gels and body lotions so you can feel your best. Making sure that you have all the essentials will definitely help you to settle in – and feel prepared! On FabFinds, you can find nourishing body lotion, deodorants, and dental care that will see you through your year at university.

8. Don't Forget The Snacks!

You’re not at home anymore so unfortunately you cannot raid the cupboards of your Mum or Dad. When the sweet tooth craving strikes or you fancy a late night snack, then you can be prepared by stocking up your cupboard with chocolate bars, crisps, biscuits, or cereals.


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