Mrs Hinch's Hallowed Cleaning Hacks

Mrs Hinch Cleaning Advice

Cleaning queen and Instagram sensation Mrs Hinch has become so prolific with her worldly-wise cleaning tips and advice, it can be a little difficult to keep up with it all. There’s no end to this ladies cleaning know-how it seems. But we can help.

We’ve trawled through many of her most exciting reveals over the past 18 months to bring together this list of cleaning hacks and must-have products.

1. News just in … fabric conditioner can do more than just freshen your clothes!

Well, what can we say – who’d have thunk it, huh? Fabric conditioner can work as a rather nifty cleaner and remover of mild dirt marks and smudges. Mrs Hinch recently revealed that fabric softener mixed with water is a good way to deal with marks on doors without removing the paint – keeping doors looking ship-shape. We’d just love to know how she found this out – pure accident, process of elimination, or scientific know-how? Who cares, the most important thing is Mrs Hinch rocks.

2. Let your cleaning ‘zing’ with Zoflora

Zoflora isn’t a new thing, and lots of people buy it, but it’s normally those in the know that do, rather than anything like the mainstream. Mrs Hinch is doing her best to change that, constantly championing the floral-fragranced disinfectant brand to her 2 million-strong ‘Hinch Army’ following her Instagram. Lady Hinch recommends Zoflora for the sink and many household chores, for example it’s brilliant for floors, not only because it thoroughly cleans, but also because the natural fragrances last longer.

She’s also shown us how to combine the power of different products …

Mr Hinch’s other sweet cleaning hack is that she puts the combined cleaning power of soda crystals together with Zoflora. Simply pouring soda crystals down the plug hole, before rinsing it with Zoflora then pouring boiling water over the mixture to rinse out the plug, for untold freshness. It’s a winning mix that leaves things amazingly fresh and bacteria quivering with fear. 

You can have a look at the extensive range of Zoflora products and Mrs Hinch-inspired cleaning bundles from FabFinds here.

Oh, and it can keep your bin smelling clean, too …

Bad smelling bins and horrid ‘bin juice’ conjure up nightmarish thoughts – but Mrs Hinch has inexpensively conquered this, too. She advises that after cleaning the bin with a disinfectant spray, add Zoflora to kitchen roll in Zoflora, folds it up and place it at the bottom of the bin before the bin bag – and hey presto, you have a clean bin that stays fresh for longer.

3. The Pink Stuff should be renamed ‘gold dust’

There are loads of uses for this product that has become almost holy-like in its stature (you can find some Pink Stuff cleaning advice here)– but the product truly excels at cleaning hobs and cooker tops, according to Mrs Hinch. She says: “This is one of my faves. Just apply a generous amount onto to the scouring side of a sponge, and wipe away.” This is great for mild, newly formed stains. For burnt-on, older stains, simply keep the Pink Stuff on for longer – around 20-30 minutes, should do the trick.

4. Lenor Fabric Softener

Mrs Hinch's ability to find magical new uses for fabric softener continues. Her lucky Instagram fans found out her latest one via an Instagram Story. She revealed that she uses Lenor Fabric Softener in the sink to not only clean her sink, infuse her home with the relaxing scents of washing day. She explains: "Pour a full kettle of boiling water into the sink and add Lenor. Let it soak for about 4 hours, topping up every so often with boiling water. Once soaked use a scourer to remove any last unwanted build up. No harsh chemicals and no scrubbing for hours".

The result, a clean sink and a house that smells homely and inviting, like it's laundry day every day.

5. Bathroom sprays and Limescale Removers for your washing machine

Mrs Hinch has found a way to give some valuable TLC to your washing machine without breaking the bank. Just take out the top drawer by carefully sliding it out, then use a bathroom spray to clean. The simply direct limescale remover into the empty gap where the drawer was. You can use a bathroom spray and an electric toothbrush to clean the rubber inside the washing machine, too.

6. The '50p trick'

Not strictly a Mrs Hinch one, but her fans on Instagram and her Facebook fan pages have been going wild about the '50p trick'. If you don't know what this is, you're not alone, but put simply, you get a 50p coin, and use it to prise open the plughole so you you can get at dirt and leftover food underneath. Use The Pink Stuff or a bathroom cleaner to polish-up the plug housing you've removed, to get looking as good as new.



Now that you’re armed with some of Mrs Hinch’ cleaning knowledge, you can buy the products in question at FabFinds and apply the advice for yourself. Say a big 'hello' to cleaning nirvana.

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