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Mrs Hinch's Hallowed Cleaning Hacks

Mrs Hinch Cleaning Advice

4 minute read.

Social media sensation, Mrs. Hinch is so creative with her cleaning efforts. She's always got great, new cleaning tips and advice to help us all out.

There's so many good ones out there that it can be difficult to keep up with it all. So let us at FabFinds help you to find the best of #Hinch for your household cleaning:

We’ve trawled through many of her most exciting reveals, and put together our top picks of the most effective Hinch cleaning hacks to get your home squeaky clean.

1.    News just in … fabric conditioner can do more than just freshen your clothes!

Well, here’s something we'd never have thought of ourselves. Fabric conditioner can work as a rather nifty cleaner and remover of mild dirt marks and smudges.

Who’d have thought a laundry product could be useful around the home?

This great Hinch reveal keeps doors ship-shape and sparkling without removing the paint. Most fabric conditioners smell gorgeous too, for a lovely entrance into the room.

We’d love to know how she came up with this morsel of cleaning know-how.

2.    Let your cleaning ‘zing’ with Zoflora

Zoflora disinfectants have been around for years. But the incredible cleaning power of this product isn't mainstream knowledge.

It's one of those things that have been passed down through the generations. So if your mum never used it, it's quite likely you’ve never heard of it.

Mrs. Hinch is on a mission to change that. She promotes the power of Zoflora on her Instagram account.

And her 2 million-strong ‘Hinch Army’ followers are listening. Shoppers can't get enough of Zoflora's range of scents. So much so, its soaring popularity is regularly reported by the media.

Lady Hinch recommends Zoflora for the sink and many household chores:

  • Diluted in hot water for floors and surfaces.
  • Diluted in a spray bottle for fabric freshening.
  • Sprayed onto a piece of paper towel to go into a clean bin before the bag.
  • A capful in the washing machine for anti-bacterial action on your laundry.

She’s also shown us how to combine cleaning products …

For a cleaning sink, Mrs. Hinch recommends some dual action:

  • Simply pour soda crystals down the plughole;
  • Follow with a rinse of your favourite Zoflora;
  • Finally, pour boiling water over the mixture to rinse.

It’s a winning mix that leaves even the stinkiest of plugholes fresh and beautifully scented. You can count on Zoflora to kill 99.9% of bacteria for a reliable clean.

Check out our wide selection of Zoflora scents and sizes at FabFinds. We stock individuals and bundles to give you Mrs. Hinch-inspired cleaning.

3. The Pink Stuff should be renamed ‘gold dust’

There are so many uses for The Pink Stuff. And Mrs. Hinch loves its quality cleaning and great price.

If you've never used it before, check out our blog on the Pink Stuff product range and how to use it.

It truly excels at cleaning hobs and cooker tops, according to Mrs. Hinch:

“This is one of my faves. Just apply a generous amount onto to the scouring side of a sponge, and wipe away.”

This is great for mild and newly formed stains. For burnt-on, older ones, simply keep the Pink Stuff on for longer. Around 20-30 minutes, should do the trick.

4. Lenor Fabric Softener

Mrs. Hinch's ability to find magical new uses for fabric softener is endless. And she revealed the latest one via an Instagram Story.

Lenor Fabric Softener in the sink not only cleans but infuses the Hinch home with the relaxing scents of Washing Day.

"Pour a full kettle of boiling water into the sink and add Lenor. Let it soak for about 4 hours, topping up every so often with boiling water. Once soaked use a scourer to remove any last unwanted build-up. No harsh chemicals and no scrubbing for hours".

The result, a clean sink and a house that smells homely and inviting, like its laundry day every day.

5. Bathroom sprays and Limescale Removers for your washing machine

Mrs. Hinch has found a way to give some valuable TLC to your washing machine without breaking the bank.

  • Just slide out the washing drawer, then use a bathroom spray to clean.
  • Then spray limescale remover into the empty drawer gap.
  • Another tip is to use a bathroom spray and electric toothbrush to clean the door rubber.

6. The '50p trick'

This is not strictly a Mrs. Hinch tip. But the Hinch Army on Instagram and Facebook have been going wild about the '50p trick'.

Never heard of it? You're not alone. Let's break it down for you:

Get a 50p coin, and use it to prise open the plughole so you can get at dirt and leftover food underneath.

Use The Pink Stuff or a bathroom cleaner to polish-up the plug housing you've removed to get it looking as good as new.

And Finally…

We can’t leave you without a couple of extra tips for lovers of natural cleaning products.

  • For a streak-free, shiny mirror use a 1:3 mix of white vinegar and water.
  • Pour into a spray bottle and liberally spritz your mirror.
  • Use a microfiber cloth to wipe with one side and buff with the other. Perfect.

Mattress stains can be a pain. But Mrs. Hinch has a top tip:

  • Sprinkle bicarbonate of soda onto the stain and rub it in wearing your marigold gloves.
  • Leave it for an hour, and then vacuum off. Simple.

Armed with these tips and tricks your home will be the cleanest it’s ever been! And you can buy all the products mentioned here at FabFinds for great prices. Head over and have a look.

Here's a quick recap of what you need:

  • General fabric softener/conditioner
  • Zoflora
  • The Pink Stuff
  • Lenor fabric softener
  • Bathroom sprays
  • Limescale Removers

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