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How To Make Your Home Smell Beautiful all Year Round

Our sense of smell is such a powerful trigger for feeling good, and walking into a beautifully smelling home is essential for our peace of mind. With us all spending a lot more time at home this year, every room deserves a fabulous fragrance to welcome you into. 

Have you ever been away somewhere for a while and when you get home you notice a foreign smell? That’s what your house smells like all the time to people who don’t live there. The longer you’re exposed to scents, the less likely you are to notice them. The technical name for this is ‘sensory adaptation’ or more commonly ‘nose-blindness’.

Apparently, the actual smell of clean is no scent at all, however trying to get your home to smell of nothing is never going to happen! With kids, pets, cooking and everyday smells going in and out of your home daily, it’s inevitable that you’ll end up with a mixture of different aromas.

Here at FabFinds we have put together some seasonal go to scents to ensure your home is smelling amazing all year long!


Floral Scents for Day Time Fragrance – All year round

There’s nothing better than walking into a fresh floral scent. Floral tones give a lovely light home scent and bring the freshness of the outdoors, in! Floral fragrances are great to fill your home with in the daytime. Some delicate fragrances such as lilac, gardenia and jasmine will give your home a soft and gentle daytime scent. The floral scent group even has the potential to boost your mood and can apparently increase the occurrence of pleasant dreams.

At FabFinds we have a great range of fresh floral scents. Choose from fresh smelling floral candles such as Floral Petals by Liberty Candles or opt for a quick and easy floral solution with our Air Freshener range including various flower scents such as Cherry Blossom airfresheners and more. If you're a wax burner fan then a Floral Bouquet scented wax melt will be fab floral option and if you're after a Mrs Hinch favourite then a Zoflora Bluebell disenfectant will fill your home with a  beautiful and natural outdoor scent!

Autumnal Scents

Autumn is a versatile time of year when it comes to making your home smell great and with many scents being complementary with this season, making the transition from summer to Autumn, will call for some earthy and natural fragrances to freshen up your home. With popular fragrances such as exotic fruits and floral notes, let’s not forget the old school scents such as pine, sandalwood, cedarwood, amberwood, rose and musk. These fragrances will offer your rooms a touch of nature whilst bring in some rich and musky scents, perfect for making you want to cuddle up in front of the fireplace.

Why not browse our extensize range of complementary Autumnal scents. With scents such a pine diffusers from Air-Wick, Woodland Pine Disenfectant from Fabulosa and warm, woody based multi-use air fresheners from Designer Fragrances you can truly turn your home into a cosy autmnal sanctuary!


Winter Scents

The most scent-worthy time of the year! Winter most definitely calls for cosy-ing up, warm blankets, festive decorations, fireplaces, desserts and plenty of cinnamon. To represent this same feeling in your fragrance, then you'll of course want to call on some festive scents such as cinnamon, apple and nutmeg, mince pies and winter spice!  When the festive season is over, but you still want that cosy and warm feeling, why not try bringing some warm notes of vanilla, Neroli citrue and cinnamon. The mixture of these fragrances will make you feel like you’ve just stepped into a magical winter wonderland!

Discover some gorgeous winter fragrances to prepare you for the colder weather and festive season at FabFinds. With cinnamon candles from Glade, appled spiced air freshener from Air Wick and Mince Pie Re-fill air fresheners, you can ensure you'll find a winter fragrance to suit you with FabFinds!


Spring Scents

Say goodbye to winter and step into Spring with some fresh and clean scents. Once we notice the first sighting of crocuses making an appearance and daffodils waking up from their slumber, we can’t wait to welcome the freshness of outdoors into our homes. But which fragrances will help us get out of the dark days of winter and get fresh spring fragrances into the house?

When it comes to spring opt for a fresh and clean scents such a clean laundry, ocean breeze, geraniums, tea rose begonias and hyacinths floral fragrances. These soft and gentle fragrances will allow you to get ready to welcome in longer days and the fresh air of Spring!

Freshen your home up in one blitz with Febreze Cotton Fresh Fabric Spray, a perfect scent for Spring or disenfect your home with Fabulosa's Fresh Breeze Spray.


Summer Scents

In the warmer months of the year, a fresh fruity scent such as apple and citrus  can offer a great scent for your home, especially in rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom where odours are likely to be lingering for longer! Fruity scents such as orange and lime offer a great balance between sweet and sour, and are always a trusty option in ensuring your home is left with a fresh and clean, long lasting fragrance.

Welcome in the summer sun to your home with our fresh and fruity range of fresheners for your home. Get the wax burner on the go with some Lime and Lemon wax melts from Citronella or create a long-lasting fragrance with a Fresh Lemongrass diffuser from Flower Power! If you're after a bundle buy to last you through the summer months then opt for some Fabulosa fresh and fruity scents.




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