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Our Recommended Food Storage Solutions for a Picnic

Arranging to have a picnic in the park always seems like a breeze – just gather some food in a basket, go to your favourite park and enjoy eating with your family and friends outdoors. But we all know its never that simple, right? Let’s face it – how many times have you got up from the dining table because you’ve forgotten a fork or spoon or you need a clean one? Unless you’re picnicking in your back garden, you’ll need to make sure you’re prepared for dining away from home!

What to take on a picnic?

Picnic Basket

A picnic basket doesn’t just need to be a traditional wicker one! There are a whole range of basket styles out there to suit your needs. Will you be packing for the whole family or are you just having a picnic between two? Is this picnic for a date or will it be just a quick lunch whilst the sun is shining? There’s plenty to think about when planning your picnic!

To ensure your food doesn’t go off, food should not be left at room temperature longer than two hours. There are some basic rules of thumb to go by to make sure food doesn’t go off:

  • Make sure your food has already been chilled prior to packing your picnic
  • Only remove your food from the fridge as close to leaving as possible
  • Keep food covered for as long as possible to keep the cool in and contaminants out
  • Keep food and food containers in the shade
  • Use a food thermometer if in any doubt
  • Discard any food that has been left out at room temperature long than 2 hours

Depending on the size and location of your picnic there are lots of simple and efficient ways to keep your picnic food and drinks cold. Here at FabFinds we sell a large cool box – great for taking with you whilst on the go. Another option is to use coolers and insulated picnic bags – using either one of these will ensure your picnic food stays fresh and at its best for longer.

ConnaBride Large Blue Cool Box

Using insulated containers is a great way to keep food cold and secure whilst transporting food around. Feautring a secure lock tight lid, these containers will prevent any spillages and keep food fresh and tasty!

Here at FabFinds, we sell a great selection of food containers of all sizes, perfect for taking with you on a picnic, for all types of picnic food. See below for our food storage guide, all ideal for bringing with you on a picnic in the park!

Food Storage Guide

Castle Clipseal Food and Freezer Storage Tub 2.3 L

A must-have for your picnic tupperware collection. This clipseal food and freezer storage tub features a 4 easy clip and seal locking system, perfect for ensuring your food stays fresh and prevents any unwanted spillages! The perfect containter for your picnic.

Castle Clipseal Food and Freezer Storage Tub 2.3 L

Castle Clipseal Food & Freezer Storage Tub 600ml

Keep all of your picnic sandwiches and snacks stored away securely with this Clipseal food and freezer storage tub. This storage tub can be used in the microwave, dishwasher, and freezer! The clip seal lid means that food will stay fresh and cool, whilst preventing any unwanted spillages in the picnic bag!

Castle Clipseal Food & Freezer Storage Tub 600ml

Square Food Storage Tubs 7 Piece Set

 Perfect for storing a variety of food, this food storage tub comes in a pack of 7! Whether you want to bring along some cake to the picnic or you're looking to bring some smaller snacks such as raisins, nuts and fruit, these food storage tubs are ideal for picnics!

Square Food Storage Tubs 7 Piece Set

Pyrex Cook & Store Rectangular Dish With Lid 1.1 Litre Assorted Colours

A great storage solution for leftovers and bulk cooking for taking on a family picnic, the Pyrex Cook & Store Rectangular Dish with Lid is great for freezing food and avoiding waste. Great for stacking, this pyrex dish can withstand temperatures as low as -40°C.

Pyrex Cook & Store Rectangular Dish With Lid 1.1 Litre Assorted Colours

Kitch. Click & Close Food Storage Containers Set Of 2

For convenient and stackable food storage boxes, these Kitch Click & Close Containers may be the ones for you. The perfect size for storing leftovers and lunches, these plastic food containers are a practical solution to take with you on the go!

Kitch. Click & Close Food Storage Containers Set Of 2 - FabFinds



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